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  1. Goginha

    Homebrew Question Left stick not working in retroarch (switch)

    in retroarch my left stick isn't working, but before i updated the controller profiles it was working, how do i fix this?
  2. Goginha

    Gaming Favorite Switch games

    Soo, this is my list of best games, if you want to tell yours feel free to do so. Here we go: Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Sonic Mania, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Yoshi's Crafted World, Terraria, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hyrule Warriors, Celeste, Paper Mario: The Origami King, Captain Toad...
  3. Goginha

    Homebrew How to put android with atmosphere on only one SD card?

    I have only one SD card (128gb) and I know how to boot Android onto switch, but I don't know how to have atmosphere and android in only one SD card, does anyone knows how to?
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