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  1. haxan

    Hacking Pokemon X/Y hack? real or fake?

    Hi guys I recently stumbled across this video on Youtube that claims a Pokemon user fought a person who is using a cheating device, the thing is that there are no cheats for the 3DS...right? did i miss something on this site or is this true?
  2. haxan

    Hardware Upgradung from 3ds to 3ds xl..... should i ?

    hi guys. lately i have been thinking of selling my 3ds and getting a 3ds xl but should i? the reasons way i was actually thinking of this is because of the screen ( of course lol ) and that the fact the i have big hands and its getting annoying for me to play on the 3ds :( but i'm scared of...
  3. haxan

    Hacking Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd English Patch help

    hi u all gbatempers oky so i have finally downloaded Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd!!!!!!!!! and i need a eng patch -_- all the patchs r on megaupload and that site is like down -_- can someone just give me a link to only the patch cuz i have realy really reallly REALLLLLY slow net( 7 ppl r...
  4. haxan

    Gaming need help about a game i dont know what its called

    hi gbatempers oky theres a ds game i used to play like 2 years ago and i dont know what its called. the game is about ghosts. theres a pic of ppl with ghost faces hidden in them. u use the styles to burn the faces of the ghost's off. anyone knows the name of the game? its jap btw thanks...
  5. haxan

    Hacking GEI hacking help

    Hi whats up guys! oky so i dont know if im doing this in the right place cuz this is the first time im doing this. if its not then just delete this topic or lock it or whatever. oky so my 3ds is on the latest update -_- my bro did it...... :blink: and my GEI wont work on it, i saw on the GEI...
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