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  1. MrVeink

    Hardware Xbox 360 Motherboard

    I was thinking that (because it's 2020 my man and 360's aren't manufactured anymore) I wanna reverse engineer the Xbox 360 motherboard. I got the schematics for Xenon. I came here to ask if anyone got .sch, .asc, .pcb or .dxf files regarding to Xbox 360 Motherboards (model doesn't matter)? If...
  2. MrVeink

    Hacking 2.0.12595.0 BETA Kinect Dash

    I'm looking for 2.0.12595.0 BETA Kinect Dash but can't find it. Does anyone have it? Or is it even allowed to share BETA stuff in here? Thanks
  3. MrVeink

    Hacking OtherOS++ on USB

    "IF INSTALLING LINUX TO USB HARD DRIVE: STEP 1: COMPLETE VFLASH AND PETITBOOT INSTALLATION (PS3 Hard Drive WILL NOT be Formatted) Run OtherOS Prep Tool Press START+SELECT.. You're done! (PS3 will beep when it starts and again when it finishes)...
  4. MrVeink

    Hacking IOS 236

    Can I install IOS 236 using d2x cIOS Installer, and if it's possible what cIOS, cIOS base and revision?
  5. MrVeink

    XU4 vs PI4

    I was searching is XU4 or PI4 better on lakka and I found the Hardware Support list but PI4 wasn't there. I know that lakka works on PI4 but I didn't get the answer which is better with lakka. I tried to find the answer on libretro forum but nothing.The games I want to emulate is LoZ OoT for...
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