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    Which joy-con pins can I cover with tape to prevent connecting to switch (but keep charging)

    So, the right side of my switch has water damage which prevents it from making a "wired" connection to a joy-con. (The joy-con is seen as connected via bluetooth even if it's loaded on the rail.) BUT, it still charges just fine.... I tried cleaning the contacts, opening my switch.... So, in...
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    Hacking Wii U NOOB PARADISE - Ask & Answer questions here.

    Okay this is bizarre, but I made no changes and now it only takes 2-4 seconds. I didn’t play for about 5 days, I got a new TV, I booted up Wii U and now it’s super fast. *shrug*
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    Hacking Wii U NOOB PARADISE - Ask & Answer questions here.

    Thanks so much for the info element6 wow our user names are very similar lol I’ll eventually try to switch my cluster size. But I’m assuming I’ll have to reformat in that case.
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    Hacking Wii U NOOB PARADISE - Ask & Answer questions here.

    HI guys.. no one responded to my thread so i figured i'd post here. All i want to know is if it's normal to experience a 10+ second wait time in USB Loader GX before the list of games appear. (the place where the games are listed appears, but the titles don't appear for like 10 seconds) I have...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX taking long to populate game list

    Hi guys. Wondering how long I should be waiting for USB Loader to populate my game list of about 125 Gamecube iso/gcm files? (and a couple emulators) It currently takes over 10 seconds each time I boot or come back from playing something. It previously was loading quickly when i only had 2 or 3...
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    What's the best way to install eshop-only games like picross e? I'm on 11.8 with luma, everything working fine. THanks!
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    Homebrew [Release] FBI - Open source CIA installer

    Stumped -- can someone help? On N3DS 9.2U CFW with FBI 1.4.15 Just installed two legit CIAs, played the games for a while... Turned off DS, Loaded some more on the SD card.. legit and non-legit, now no matter what I install I get "Install failed! Could not open file." error Am I missing...
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    Tutorial The easy, complete, comprehensive CFW guide for everyone

    I was able to fix my rxtools and get into my emunand by jumping into another guide (downloading a new set of files for N3DS). NOt sure where i went wrong with this one but thanks for the help. The guide i used was [Tutorial] Setting up 9.0 - 9.2 N3DS/XL for rxTools CFW, including emuNAND...
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    Tutorial The easy, complete, comprehensive CFW guide for everyone

    just 4.1 as in change the boot-> auto? I did that already one time, just to clarify. hm. part of my problem is i didn't get a full grasp of why we were doing each step throughout the guide . so now that I'm stuck where I mentioned, I don't really know what to look for to fix my problem.
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    Tutorial The easy, complete, comprehensive CFW guide for everyone

    N3DS I am at the end of the guide, particularly this part: "3.2.1 Format your 3DS system. (Don't worry, you won't lose anything since everything on your system was cloned to the emuNAND (which is on your (micro)SD) when you formatted your (micro)SD using the EmuNAND9 menu.) 3.2.2 Follow the...
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    Tutorial The easy, complete, comprehensive CFW guide for everyone

    I'm starting the CFW process, after copy-pasting the whole kit all of my SD card data is gone (eshop games/apps..) Was this expected?
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    Hacking wiikey launch wii problems (syscheck) help please

    Thank you SO MUCH for the response. That's precisely what happened --- i always feared that my siblings would update my wii while I was away, and eventually they must have. So right now is Region Free & playing WADS from SD the only things i'm really missing? (assuming i can install wads with...
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    Hacking wiikey launch wii problems (syscheck) help please

    Hi! I have a 4.3 U launch wii with Wiikey 1, and i'm having some problems that probably have something to do with me installing IOS and cIOS in the past. 1. can't install wads (Waninoko loses wiimote connection when i select ios 249) 2. At some point I lost the ability to play PAL games... 3...
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    Most embarrassing ringtone you have on your phone?

    Pokemon gym theme, currently.
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    Hacking Problem updating R4iGold from, Revision C

    I have a "C" card with dorasu, so I guess I won't be attempting this. I do have a question though. Every time releases an update, I usually just copy it to my SD card and replace the old system file-- I never really use a DSlite or update it from within the actual flash cart software...
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    Hacking Chances of Customs intercepting flash carts?

    Once on a trip to HK I was randomly selected to get my baggage scanned and searched. I had lots of ... non-legit Wii games and DS games (from hong kong actually). Luckily they didn't find them--I was sweating, to say the least. They say the penalties are pretty steep in HK!! (Especially there...
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    Hacking Quick help with USBloader GX please!

    Hey guys, I have a softmodded wii with usbloader GX (updated today). For the longest time, certain games would not work for it. These include Galaxy 2 (Galaxy 1 is fine), DK Country, and as of today, Skyward Sword. I get an black screen and an error saying "An error has occurred. Please...
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    DS #DSi 0125: PokÃmon Black Version (Europe)

    right, but did you hear about the Australian version being region free? It's able to be played on a Japanese 3DS. And since (supposedly) Aussie and Euro games are identical, I think this one is region free too. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do? What about linking up with a...
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    DS #DSi 0125: PokÃmon Black Version (Europe)

    Any reason to believe this? I'm debating buying the game here in Spain, even though I'll be moving back to the US soon. ..Can anyone help me decide? This is what I think I know so far: 1. The euro version is supposedly region-free, so I will be able to play it on an American 3DS 2. A Spanish...
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    Hacking My DSone just got wiped -_- halp?

    Hi guys. Today I turned off my DSone normally after using lameboy (pkmn red). A few hours later I went to turn on my ds and I got the "no find file. Please turn off DS." I plugged in the microUSB to My Mac to find that it was completely wiped -_- The only thing I can think of is that...
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