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  1. Jugarina

    Android decent tablet?

    Did not know you where considering spending more and also interested in a Nook. Forget the Nook tablet, you can go with a Nook color instead and turn It into a tablet with CFW. If you went new that would save you at least $50 retail. I see new in box owned ones being sold on Craigslist between...
  2. Jugarina

    Hardware Very big overheating

    Did you check the vent opening where the hot air escapes past the metal and plastic case on the inside? When my temps go up I have to get some q-tips and rubbing alcohol and clean off the inside of the vent to get the temps to go down. This is the area past the fan. While I am cleaning It the...
  3. Jugarina

    What do you think of my playing?

    Grunge distortion and Boss overdrive. I'm learning Nirvana songs and the old Bush songs like greedy fly at the moment. I was looking at a wah pedal myself but I'm gonna wait on that until I get faster. I can't believe you don't have a wah pedal yet after 13 years of playing. My buddy has been...
  4. Jugarina

    What do you think of my playing?

    That was most triumphant! Rufus, (George Carlin) would be proud. I can't play anywhere near that well yet but Im learning and I just got a few effects petals today in the mail. :D
  5. Jugarina

    Putting a stop to CISPA!

    House passes CISPA and is on It's way to the Senate. Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama has announced he will veto this just like he said he would veto the NDAA…. then signed it into law during new years while the country/world was still drunk/hungover.
  6. Jugarina

    Shampoo Pranks

    I think the onion recipe is the best idea for payback without going overboard or just totally disgusting possibly illegal If found out there was cum in there.
  7. Jugarina

    Gaming What's wrong with my speakers?

    Check your volume control options, playback devices and volume mixer. Other then that, It could be a bunch of things. Your gonna have to keep trying/checking different hardware and software options until you figure It out.
  8. Jugarina

    Shampoo Pranks

    Empty shampoo into a bowl, mix with hair removal cream, and put it back in the bottle.
  9. Jugarina

    Android decent tablet?

    256mb RAM and no wireless N would be a problem for me but for the price It's good If you really want a tablet but have limited funds.
  10. Jugarina

    Hacking How do i hack my 360

    Most of the information you would want is located on the xbox 360 hacking area of the forum such as J-tag. On the main page you could also look at the nice reviews on the left side of the page; xbox360 dock and/or key. Module 2 touch screen remote is out now as well so It would be an idea time...
  11. Jugarina

    Hardware Low power graphic card

    Just change out the PSU. They are easy to install even for a novice. If you've never done It before you just take off 4 screws with a phillips screwdriver then set that old paper weight on or near the tower case. Pull out the new PSU and screw It back in where the old one was, ( I have done many...
  12. Jugarina

    Best Buy details its 50 big box store shutdowns in the US

    I guess I'm the oddball here as I like shopping at Bestbuy. Granted, I only make a purchase maybe once out of 5-10 visits to the store. I like to go there to just look around at what's new and test out new products to get some "hands on" time and then buy the stuff somewhere else although I do...
  13. Jugarina

    George Zimmerman in custody, faces second-degree murder charge

    Can someone direct me to where I would be able to uptain a copy and/or photograph online of Trayvon's death certificate. I need proof of death like this or similar documents or pictures related If someone knows where I could find them. Thanks.
  14. Jugarina

    Gaming Annoying browser problem

    Something in the options maybe that is blocking them like popup or adblock? I'd save myself a headache and just use Firefox. ...........But getting Firefox does fix the problem Rydian, why use an inferior browser that works like dog doo when the alternative p-owns It.
  15. Jugarina

    Hardware Inconsistent Battery Life

    This may not be correct for the 3DS but doesn't that usally happen when a battery needs to be cycled? On some types of batteries you'd drain them all the way and charge and on others you drain them to like 3% - 5% and then charge.
  16. Jugarina

    Comment by 'Jugarina' in 'my reminder for the day'

    That's why I live everyday like It is my last because you just never know. I've known people that where perfectly healthy, active, young, and full of life suddenly drop dead while walking out of a store. I don't condone drugs, especially heavy drugs like heroin and with a baby girl that is just...
  17. Jugarina

    Car Audio Systems.

    When I was your age I had a car with a system in It but I mostly used It for high and trade school but I feel It's worth doing while you're still a young man because you may outgrow a car sound system later in life but at least you can have the experience now plus you could always resell your...
  18. Jugarina

    My new NES.

    I'd like to have a Samus decal NES myself with a Metroid logo in the place of the Nintendo trademark logo. Do you have any plans of modding other peoples units for them for cash in the future?
  19. Jugarina

    SOPA has reincarnated as CISPA

    Your right on the mark and even If CISPA fails they have others in the works already like The Secure IT Act for example. They are not gonna stop until they get what they want. If your serious about choosing a "bugout" island for when s.h.t.f. I would recommend Belize...
  20. Jugarina

    Gaming My love for the PS Vita

    I wish they would add solar panels to the Vita so you could charge on the go while using It without an outlet, hell, wouldn't It be boss If the whole case was just one big solar panel that could be molded to shape with screens on It...If they could do that you might not even need a battery all...
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