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  1. JeepX87

    What does the site look like to staff members?

    There is nice, shiny and polished banhammer with GBAtemp mascot on it for moderators to use it. Don't mess with moderators and admins.
  2. JeepX87

    [POLL] Have you had Covid-19 before?

    Yes, I caught Covid Omicron and currently sick since Wednesday night, started with post nasal drip and mild sore throat, progressed fatigue, mild cough and moderate sore throat on Thursday morning, bad cough and severe sore throat on Friday and Saturday and cough started to subsided on Sunday...
  3. JeepX87

    Hacking Are there any hacks for splatoon 2 that will cause disconnects on the opposing team?

    Please do it and you are deserved to be banned permanently. Abuse on online games aren't cool so you just give Nintendo a good reason to crack on custom firmware and modders.
  4. JeepX87

    Hacking So should I give up?

    Yeah, I agree, I love to help if members are serious or have productive discussion instead of play games with other members. It appears that some members want to get around difficult or impossible solution, so they want to have easy solution, but sometime, we don't have easy solution...
  5. JeepX87

    Hacking So should I give up?

    After saw your posts, you are better off to give up and move on. Enough with whining. You have choice to be a man and find unpatched Switch or give up entirely, also don't be cheap.
  6. JeepX87

    Nintendo Switch Hardmodding Service

    Many of them don't, including myself and I just use for save editors and save backup, that it. I don't condone the piracy. Ban risks are much greater if go online with pirated games. If you think about 100 millions of Switches are hacked? It is extremely unlikely, so less than million of users...
  7. JeepX87

    Nintendo Switch Hardmodding Service

    I don't mean to accuse you but I just means about how many members felt after Nintendo cracked on modders down last year and two, so in this forum and social networking, you have to build the trust. It isn't only about you, but it is for all of us. Legal trouble is massive headache for modders...
  8. JeepX87

    Nintendo Switch Hardmodding Service

    I don't understand about some posts got downvoted and we had to tell a honest about Nintendo's intent to crack the modders down, so that led modders to not offer the service publicly and I don't agree about what Nintendo did to modders. I just want to tell a honest and don't want to give you a...
  9. JeepX87

    What browser do you use?

    Safari and Brave
  10. JeepX87

    Nintendo Switch Hardmodding Service

    No one is going to offer hardmodding service in the public after Nintendo cracked many of modders down. You have to ask in black market channel but I'm unable to help due to not enough information. and based on your new account and low post count, most modders will not bother to contact you...
  11. JeepX87

    Anybody use Hulu ?

    Yes, I use Hulu. Your best solution is call Hulu Support Center and they can resolve the situation.
  12. JeepX87

    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    It is bad deal to have modified Pokémon, even legal in Pokémon Home because some got banned.
  13. JeepX87

    ROM Hack Save game repository for Switch games ?

    No, you have to be connected to internet to download the saves.
  14. JeepX87

    ROM Hack JKSV not compatible with new pokemon snap?

    There is no save editor for Pokemon Snap. I can't find 100% save for same game either, also I requested months ago.
  15. JeepX87

    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    No, Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate are BIG NO! If you edit their save so you could get a ban - in game or console ban. Animal Crossing is fine at most part but be caution with save editor and few members got banned.
  16. JeepX87

    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    The SX hasn't updated for over one year, so those discussion is moot now since SX users have no access with Nintendo server. You probably have clean backup, so that what @Draxzelex recommend to do this prior to hacking. Prior to firmware update last year, some members with SX are banned and...
  17. JeepX87

    ROM Hack RELEASE New Switch Save site with modified Saves and 100% Completed Saves

    I have Star Ocean First Departure R save. "I got bunny whistle that allow to travel in Roak without any random encounter - load on save 3 and I need to warn you - this game has point of no return if went to demon world, known as Fargett - don't go this area if anyone want to stay in Roak...
  18. JeepX87

    ROM Hack [WIP] Yo-kai Watch 4 ++ Switch English Translation Project

    I'm going to leave up to OP and OP has say about this translation project. Just saw OP responded in other thread about Yo-Kai Watch 1 yesterday and OP could come to here to respond. I just gave an answer based on Discord. I have to agree with matias3ds about this game needs to be picked up...
  19. JeepX87

    ROM Hack [WIP] Yo-kai Watch 4 ++ Switch English Translation Project

    No, based on Discord, this project is actually cancelled due to toxicity in translation community, not on hold and it did happen this year, not last year. What has with Level 5? Level 5 wasn't involved in translation project - it is made by fans. Level 5 closed North America studio and they...
  20. JeepX87

    ROM Hack [WIP] Yo-kai Sangokushi English Fan Translation

    If it is completed, this thread would be updated by now but based on last edit 2 years ago, it is deem to be abandoned. I looked around and no, translation hasn't completed with no update after 2 years.
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