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  1. XoxconnorxoX

    Help I cant decide

    I am in year 7 and I can't decide. Allright so people say looks aren't everything. I mean there's this girl in my year. She likes me and we kinda had a thing. I like her a little, shes nice and we're friends (but she is sorta ugly) then there is this beautiful girl in year 9 a good friend. That...
  2. XoxconnorxoX

    How do you put spoilers into posts

    Yeah i caant do it.
  3. XoxconnorxoX

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Hype thread

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Is looking better than ever with only four days until its release. There are no doubts this game will be really good. Here take a look at this trailer Looking good yeah? But lets just hope there isn't any heavy anti piracy oh wait there probably is >.< I will also be...
  4. XoxconnorxoX

    ROM Hack How do you hex edit roms??

    ^^^^yeah i have a hex editor and stuff but how do i do it just to put it simply.
  5. XoxconnorxoX

    Hacking My first theme for R4ds & m3ds

    Hey guys i just finished my new pokemon white theme for r4ds and m3 users give it a go. i would like some opinions so please feel free. Download Here
  6. XoxconnorxoX

    NEW ORIGINAL FlashKart Skins and requests for them!

    Hey guys im XoxconnorxoX i am getting into desining skins for wood r4 and any other flash carts requested. So pm with requests and i will have a skin done ASAP. so yeah i will upload a few skins later. Thanx for your support.
  7. XoxconnorxoX

    ROM Hack Can someone help?

    Hey i was wondering how one would go about making a patch for a rom. Please try and help any advice will be accepted.
  8. XoxconnorxoX

    Gaming Pokemon black and white help

    This topic is for if you need help or are stuck in the game like me i'm trying to find the pokemon transfer machine but cant find the guy who gives it to you can someone help?
  9. XoxconnorxoX

    ROM Hack My r4ds will not load in my ds Help!

    So i load it up and bam straight too the main bios screen. any ideas. i have wood r4 but i havent used the card on this ds yet. My other wont load it turns om flickers then trys to load again then so on. >.
  10. XoxconnorxoX

    Gaming Ideal pokemon team

    Hey guys im wondering what everyones pokemon teams are for like strategies ihave the following glaceon leafeon umbreon espeon ninetails arcanine Wbu
  11. XoxconnorxoX

    Homebrew Cod Black ops wager match

    Call of duty black ops looking better and better. the main thing i want more of is multiplayer but the wager match mode does not look as though it will dissapoint at all.Especiall one in the chamber. broken down there like this in wager matches you bet your cod money which you use in game to...
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