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  1. Jiehfeng

    Hacking Ps Vita Hackable Firmwares

    Hey there, I see no sticky so I'm here asking a noobish question. Are all vita firmwares hackable now? If I get a vita from somewhere, am I anyway certain I can use an SD2Vita with it and do homebrew stuff? Thanks in advance.
  2. Jiehfeng

    Hardware Slow Down Mouse Speed with a Hotkey?

    There are times where I feel like my high DPI setting gets a bit difficult when I'm trying to make minute movements like adjusting a small volume slider. I thought of an idea where if I hold down Ctrl and move the mouse, it would move very slowly. Is there such a thing already? My mouse is a...
  3. Jiehfeng

    Emulation Android AetherSX2 Alpha

    Could someone get me up to speed on Aethersx2 real quick? Is the alpha indicator permanent for now or can I turn it off? And why do people say it runs perfectly when GoWII still struggles natively on an 865? Vulkan has a lot of potential which I can see, but on OpenGL default optimal settings...
  4. Jiehfeng

    Blog entry cover image?

    There's an option to display an image as the blog entry cover image, but I don't know how to set an image as the cover image. I could upload an attachment, but it only shows whether to insert it as a thumbnail or full image like usual. How do I do this?
  5. Jiehfeng

    Gaming What do you think of the Pokemon remakes?

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that is, and no, I'm not using that abbreviation... ;o; If I'm not mistaken it isn't out yet, but I'm sure many of you are already emulating it. So how is it? What do you think? Is it as lifeless as Let's Go and lacking charm like Sword and Shield? The BW...
  6. Jiehfeng

    The Sandman | Netflix Adaptation

    An adaptation of the comics Sandman of DC Comics by Neil Gaiman. It's apparently produced and scripted by him. Personally I've never read Sandman but this looks great, there's an Audible version of the comics that's amazing as well apparently. Hopefully they do it well, will be keeping an eye on...
  7. Jiehfeng

    Gaming Switch Transfer Tool for Android - Save Screenshots Efficiently

    Reddit user u/CodeFusion posted on the r/NintendoSwitch subreddit about his new Android app for quickly transferring screenshots to an Android 10+ smartphone. It makes use of the already existing feature on the Switch that lets you scan two QR codes from your smartphone; the first to connect to...
  8. Jiehfeng

    Hardware Near Fully Modular and Repair Friendly Laptop

    Worth a watch, even if you're not into getting something like that. Dell made some modular laptops before but they were so bulky and expensive as hell, only meant for enterprise. This one is thinner than an XPS, has USB A ports that are swappable on any side, hot swappable storage, modular...
  9. Jiehfeng

    Couple sued for over $200,000 for leaving a negative review The short story of it is that they had a bad experience with a roofing company and left two negative reviews on Google, but are now being sued by the...
  10. Jiehfeng

    Videogame OSTs used in the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

    Some of you probably already have heard of this, but I thought it was neat to share for those who haven't. A bunch of game OST was used for the opening ceremony of this Olympics, and I think that's pretty cool. They're of games made in Japan obviously, and mostly consisting of Square Enix...
  11. Jiehfeng

    Hacking News app not working

    I posted this on Games and Content but decided it would be best to post here. (sorry mods for extra thread, please lock the other one if you have time) This is related to my sysMMC which is clean and online works perfectly; Nintendo Switch Online, Eshop, game downloads, cloud saves, etc. The...
  12. Jiehfeng

    Gaming News not updating?

    I got my Switch up and running but for some reason News isn't working properly, it only has the ones that comes with the Switch like tutorials. When I click on Find Channels it says "Failed to load channel information". This Nintendo account is following many News channels as well from my...
  13. Jiehfeng

    Hacking Switch not getting detected on RCM

    It's been a while since I used my hacked Switch. Now I restored the NAND backup and then selected Power Off in Hekate. After that I formatted the SD card. (I still have the files if necessary). But now I can't turn on my Switch or have RCM detected on my PC. Prior to the NAND restore it was on...
  14. Jiehfeng

    Higher Resolutions much better?

    This might sound obvious but hear me out. Why are higher resolutions when using emulators look much better? All this time I had set RPCS3 and Dolphin to 1440P as that's what my monitor is, but recently I went and put the max I could and it looks sooooo much better. I thought going upwards from...
  15. Jiehfeng

    Hardware AMD's RX 6000 series and 5000 series CPUs

    AMD's reveal for the new GPUs just finished and things are looking very good for them. The RX 6900XT is better than the RTX 3090 in some cases, and is only $1000 in comparison. The 6800XT varies around the RTX 3080, some cases slightly lower and some slightly higher, all for $50 less than the...
  16. Jiehfeng

    Hardware How to tell if there is a CPU Bottleneck?

    I posted about my Far Cry 5 benchmarks on Reddit and many people there are saying my CPU is bottlenecking, my GPU is the RTX 3080. My CPU is a Ryzen 5 3600X. A person there told me that if my GPU usage isn't at 90%+ usage, then it is a CPU bottleneck. Isn't that a wrong way to check? The GPU...
  17. Jiehfeng

    Hardware Liquid Metal

    I can't seem to find many concise videos of the thermal improvement of using Liquid Metal by either delidding or using it instead of thermal paste. Is it really good like some videos say, a 20C improvement? If so, why don't companies use it all the time in CPUs and GPUs? I see the PS5 uses it...
  18. Jiehfeng

    Dolphin Wii Remote Plus not working properly?

    I can't seem to get Wii Motion Plus games to work properly. I am using an original Wii Remote red with motion plus built in. When I play Skyward Sword for example, I can only go into the game by having the nunchuk disconnected, otherwise it would not detect the nunchuk and I have to reset...
  19. Jiehfeng

    Hardware What's up with my 1070?

    My 1070 has been getting a number of issues lately. The first is that the fan would spin at max speed when Windows starts (doesn't happen in boot splash screen or BIOS), and when monitored through software, the fans are shown as 0 RPM but the % fan seems to be fine. This issue would fix itself...
  20. Jiehfeng

    Hardware RTX 3000 Series Design shown

    Nvidia just released this new video: They show their new 12 pin connector which was previously a rumor. One thing I spotted was the RTX 3000 series card itself just before the video ends: Looks just like the leaked pics of the cards. So anyways, are any of you gonna buy a 3000 series...
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