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  1. Lavaimp

    ROM Hack [WIP / Revival (again)] Tomodachi Collection music over Tomodachi Life.

    The amount of threads on this are ridiculous and I apologize, I just didn't want to necro any dead threads. I'm currently working on this, and I intend to see it through. I have found the location of the room & apartments themes, but i DON'T know how to modify sequence files or replace them with...
  2. Lavaimp

    Hacking Question Game cart no longer registering on 2 consoles after 12.0.2 update.

    I can't seem to find much on this, and I'm not TOO bothered considering I rarely use game carts, but every time i boot my switch / resume from sleep mode it says there was an error reading the game cart. Is there a way to fix this? Edit: All my firmware is up to date, and i'm using sysmmc (I...
  3. Lavaimp

    ROM Hack Suggestion Miitopia switch save editor

    I know only the demo is out right now, but a save editor would be nice when the full game is out (or... even one for the demo, or at least cheats for tickets?)
  4. Lavaimp

    Hacking Unmodded 3DS showing 'failed to download 1 firm' error?

    I'm not really sure what's causing this, but it's really strange. The 3ds was modded prior but i moved everything to a new system that I got. I wanted to use this one for some of my cartridge games in the meantime because the battery started to go bad and needed to be replaced on my new 3ds xl...
  5. Lavaimp

    Hacking Question Is switch firmware 5.0.2 hackable?

    i bought an RCM jig from a reliable source, but for some reason it isn't loading rcm mode at all- it boots up like normal. (even when holding power + volume up) really the only thing i wanted to do was mod a save for a game a little bit which is ultimately why i got the jig (i'd probably only be...
  6. Lavaimp

    Hacking Question Most reliable RCM Jig?

    I don't really feel too comfortable trying to bend the paperclip for it, so I was wondering does anyone know a reliable source for an rcm jig? I don't mind paying for it if it's safer/easier. i hope this is the right place to ask!
  7. Lavaimp

    Hacking New System Update?

    Sorry this was just a mistake on my end. Feel free to lock this thread if needed.
  8. Lavaimp

    Hacking Will there be any more updates for Wii U?

    Just wondering since they stopped producing it. I kind of feel they're just gonna focus on switch and not give a damn about the wii u now but I could be wrong. It'd be better for the hackers at least because no more updates.
  9. Lavaimp

    ROM Hack Is there any guides on text replacing 3ds games?

    Sorry if this has been asked, i'm just having a hard time with this.
  10. Lavaimp

    Homebrew Is it impossible to mod 11.4 new3ds?

    I only have one new3ds, and one old3ds that has been modded. Looking over the guide on it was saying that I need two new3dses, but I don't have that. Is there any way to mod the new3ds on 11.4 without having a second 3ds...? I'm ok with buying any games needed for the hacks but I don't...
  11. Lavaimp

    ROM Hack Help with a plugin?

    I found a plugin but whenever I try to use it I get a screen saying an error occurred and that I should restart the 3ds. I downloaded the plugin from speedfly, and I put the .plg in the folder with the game's ID number. The most it gets to is the loading screen before the title and then it...
  12. Lavaimp

    ROM Hack [REQUEST] Miitopia (JPN) cheat plugin?

    I hope this isn't ridiculous to ask, i've been playing the japanese release of miitopia and I'm having a super hard time with one of the bosses. I don't really know how to edit the save file because I don't know what the hex info is for level and such, but if it's possible to add a cheat that...
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