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    Hacking Cyclo Evo & M3 Real Saves The Same?

    Okay well.. I just recently 'upgraded' from an M3Real to a Cyclo Evo. ;DD Should be coming in tomorrow. And yeah, I noticed they have the same extension for the save files. (.sav) So I have two questions. 1) Can I simply just move the saves from the M3 and use them on the Cyclo? 2) And if not...
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    Hacking G6 Real 2.7d Firmware

    New Loader for G6DS. As for a change log.. uhh.. all I know is a couple of OS fixes and a bit more soft-reset compatibility. Clicky ->
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    Hacking G6 Real Cleaner?

    Well I own a G6 Real and it worked perfectly until a week ago. I checked my USB reader and cord and nothing was wrong with it. But the contacts on the G6 look craaazy rusted. ANYWAY, my question is if anyone has ever tried cleaning their G6 Real. AND, if you did, what did you use? I'm...
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    Hacking Change shortcut thingie?

    Well I own a G6DS Real 8Gb and the media button's been bugging the hell out of me. I'm pretty sure almost everyone on this forum would choose moonshell over the dinky media player thing that's built into the firmware. ANYWAY, I was just wondering if there's a way to configure something to make...
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