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    error on atmos after update

    it worked. at least switch booted ok and games are running, ATMOS on 1.1.1. Thanks mate!!! One last thing, how i can make the fusee appears in hekate menu? it was changed from fusee-rpimary to only fusee, but hekate only shows fusee-primary.
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    error on atmos after update

    you say the atmos folder? or there is more?
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    error on atmos after update

    Hello folks, i tried update the HEKATE [was on 5.5.8] and ATMOS [was on 0.1.9 - 5 if i record correctly] thru AIO UPDATER (my EMUnand is on 12.00 and OFW on 6.1.0 - i DONT tried update the Nintendo FW). after update both, hekate its on v.5.6.3, running ok, but when i try boot to atmos i get the...
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    Hardware Problems to turn on

    Hello guys, This weekend i decided update my switch, i was on FW 8.1. I turned off my switch to take off the sdcard an copy the new fw files to the card for the update. After reinserted the sd card, i tried turn on the the switch and... nothing, the Switch does not turn on. After some...
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    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Standalone Beta

    people, should i ask a favor? Someone can test Sid Meiers Pirates! please? Could you try pass the setup part (where you choose nationality etc) and go to the map where you sail etc? My PPSSPP crash after the map load happens (after the pirate flag). I want know if is a issue of this version...
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    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Standalone Beta

    I dont try FFIV, but about the overclock... I think i see something to overclock in SX Installer. I dont know IF is for system overclock or what is for. Maybe you should take a look.
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    Gaming Lets Go Pikachu Issue

    If all files its on proper folder (root or \SXOS\NSP), try the SX installer.
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    ROM Hack Zamasu - Xenoverse 2

    Hello, im not a fan of cheating a game but there is any MOD, SAVE EDITOR, Munbo jumbo, that help me pass that lessons? im getting really frustated hahahahaha. Im just dont want a save game.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Joycon Droid use your phone as a ProController or as a Joycon

    I have not. All config on my phone (for this matter) is default.
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    hahaha im Sad that do not have BlueMSX for Coleco too! XD
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    Homebrew Question Does holding R while opening a game no longer launch hbmenu?

    maybe its dumb but, did you checked the .nro file? if it is on right place etc?
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    Homebrew WIP Retroarch Game Icons for Custom NSPs

    Actraiser - SNES. Original art (without Actraiser logo) by knsl on DevianArt
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    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Standalone Beta

    Got issues with Sid Meier's Pirates. When the game will start (after select the nacionality, etc) it crashes. (tested with GL and GLES)
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    Homebrew WIP Doom 64 EX port

    Jesus Christ man, are you racing against Bethesda? XD Thanks a lot!
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    Gaming Can Bethesda be a slut scammer?

    Anyway, if somebody can confirm that the game vanished from READY TO INSTALL page on xbox, i appreciate. Because, this can be a issue on my country maybe, but it's a big coincidence this happen on the launch of the "new version". until them, they are a slut scammer.
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    Gaming Can Bethesda be a slut scammer?

    if you say so.... but this sound odd.
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    Gaming Can Bethesda be a slut scammer?

    Are you sure? Of course, i bought mine on X360 and i was using the BC on Xbox One that i think they legally can take off. But, if the X360 edition of the game was avaliable on the Xbox One marketplace before, and I PURCHASE the game from there (not from x360)... they can remove my access to this...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Thank you @Draxzelex .
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    Gaming Can Bethesda be a slut scammer?

    This is the point. Who has the x360 game, the game is show on READY TO INSTALL options (if you dont have installed then already, of course). And these games are vanished for now. You anybody here has these games, and dont have then installed, please confirm if are they showing (or not) on READY...
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