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    Hacking update emunand to 10.4?

    I am running a n3ds xl with 9.2. Is it possible to upgrade my gw emunand to 10.3 or 10.4? If so, how? Thanks
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    Hacking 3dsxl 9.2 firmware system transfer to n3dsxl 9.0 firmware possible?

    Questions, I have a 3DS XL with firmware 9.2 and a New 3DS XL with firmware 9.0. I can't do a system transfer because the units want me to upgrade both firmwares to 9.6. Is possible to do the system transfer without upgrading the firmwares? Any other way to transfer my saves?Also, is it possible...
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    acekard coupons?

    are there any coupons for the acekard we can use at shoptemp? Thanks
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    Hacking dsi XL acekard 2i

    My dsi xl detects the acekard 2i. But when I click run, it says an error had occurred. Does that mean I didn't setup the card correctly? Or is the card outdated and I need to update it? I got it last week from dealextreme. Does dealextreme update the cards? Thanks
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    Gaming Swap DL SSBB with Retail DVD

    Is it possible or does anyone know a way to bootup with DL Brawl DVD9 and swap it with a Retail DVD of it. I tried with the DL dvd9 with a layer break and it didn't work.
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    Hacking Wiikey won't save settings

    I can boot backups fine. I boot from the v1.1 disk from wiikey's site. But when it boots up it says its 1.0 . I change the dvd read speed and region, click save, reboot,nothing saves?
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    Hacking anoyne need a wii key?

    I ordered from two places, I tried canceling but both places sent me wiikeys, So I have 5 extra, I can give it to you at cost
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