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    Homebrew Safe to update to 8.1?

    Is it safe to update to 8.1? I already got luma 9.1 there's just one problem, I just a pirated game on my system (which was not obtained via freeshop) so would that mean it's unsafe to update?
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    A Wild Harpy Appears!

    Hello, I'm Justanother harpy, just call me harpy (pun intended). I like video games and video game consoles, I use CFW it makes them more convenient Pokemon,rune factory,kingdom hearts are my favs but I do like plenty more also I'm a artist and I hope to be an animator also I'm into music, I...
  3. J

    Desmume bad export .sav file problem

    Desmume keep exporting bad .sav files for whatever reason, I tested that .sav both NO$ash and desmume. NO$ash says it has a bad checksum and desumue just shows a "the ROM header is invalided header" error
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