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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    So just bought a 3DS (a new 3DS, specifically.. might trade it in for a new 3DS XL.. haven't decided). System software version is 10.7.0-32U. Does this restrict what flashcarts are available to me? At first glance, the only one I may be able to use is Sky3ds (which may be the best way to go...
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    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    So I did this, and now I'm able to play Wii games using the USB loader it installed!! Yeah! A few issues remain, some are minor: - USB Loader GX (which I had from before) now no longer loads under any circumstance (returns to the menu screen) - the new USB loader (it's just called "USB loader")...
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    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    So I realized there are a couple of variables in play here.. which port I have the USB drive connected to, and whether I have an SD card inserted into the Wii. If I don't have an SD card inserted, launching the USB loader takes me right back to the home screen (after a few seconds), no matter...
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    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    Still in the process of modding my Wii (taking it slow so I don't screw things up!). Started following along this guide: Finished step #4, which installed a USB loader. I wanted to test...
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    Tutorial How to SoftMod a Wii and play backup Wii, Gamecube and Wiiware Games

    I'm stuck on "3. Install Priiloader (regionfree games and stop updates)" The link doesn't have the file described.. it goes to And the only thing I see is "download zip" which downloads a file called "". When I unzip this on the SD...
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    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    I'm pretty late to the party on this. Finally installed the homebrew channel on my wii yesterday using letterbomb with instructions from here: What I find now is when I turn my Wii on, I get this screen It doesn't appear like I can do...
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    Hacking 3ds flashcarts for dummies

    Background: It's been a while since I've been involved in flashcarts. I had an Acekard 2i for my NDS and it worked pretty well. Now, I find myself wanting to play some of the 3ds games that I've missed over the past few years (Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, Mario and Luigi and Mario Kart rank...
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    Hacking Playing new games

    I have kept my PS3 on OFW 3.5 with the idea of one day installing CFW on it (haven't spent the time to really look into what's required, consequences, etc.). This meant I couldn't connect to PSN or download some DLC, but that's really no big deal, for my purposes anyway. What is a big deal...
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    Hardware Recommend a "trouble free" backup solution

    Which one (if any/all) of these mod chips can: - Rip discs into backups? - Play backups from hard drive? - Play WiiWare/Virtual console?
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    Hardware Recommend a "trouble free" backup solution

    So sounds like a modchip is the best solution. Which would be the best modchip? I was looking at Wode, but I'm not sure if that's an option, since my Wii is oriented horizontally (and there's no good place to put it where I can orient it vertically..)
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    Hardware Recommend a "trouble free" backup solution

    Mod chip, soft mod, whatever.. I just want to be able to rip (preferably..) and play game backups as easily as possible (once set up properly). I don't want to need to resort to hacks or workarounds to get a particular game working, as much as possible. What would work best? Soft mod? (NB: My...
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    DS #5127: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (USA)

    Got about 30 puzzles in.. then my cart froze when I was trying to save the game.. had to restart the DSL.. and when I did.. the save file was corrupted! Using Acekard 2i with AKAIO 1.7.1 with latest loaders. Has anyone else had this problem? Soo pissed.. I need to start all over again!!
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    Gaming Video formats

    Problem with converting is it takes a significant amount of time.. is there a video format that both the iPod touch and the PSP would support? ACK.. used a different program called WinFF (already had it installed to convert videos for iPod classic) to convert to PSP format.. PSP complains the...
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    Gaming Video formats

    Have a bunch of movies encoded for the iPod touch. I assumed that since the PSP supports h.264 and mpeg4, there would be no problem playing them on my PSP (CFW 5.00 m33-6). I assumed wrong (or I'm doing it wrong..) - the PSP says it's "unsupported data". Quicktime lists the following...
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    Hacking Bowser's Inside Story - freezes in AKAIO 1.5.1

    Froze again today.. help! BTW: Where can I download the old release and loaders? Maybe that's the only solution..
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    Hacking Bowser's Inside Story - freezes in AKAIO 1.5.1

    My thought was it was related to the update because I had no problems in 20 hours of play previously.. and then 3 (now) freezes in short order after applying it. The update appears to be the most likely source of the problem. When I try the suggested steps, the "loading" text appears in red...
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    Hacking Bowser's Inside Story - freezes in AKAIO 1.5.1

    I updated to 1.5.1 yesterday.. and since then, the game has frozen twice.. while before I was able to play flawlessly. Help?
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    AKAIO 1.5.1

    Updated today (from 1.5). Since then, Bowser's Inside Story has crashed on me twice - before this, I was able to play flawlessly. Help.
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    Hacking How to get Acekard to work as passme?

    I have a slot-2 flash cart that I still want to use (have some game saves.. alternatively, how can I use G6 Lite game saves on Acekard?). Is it possible to use Acekard 2i to boot the slot 2 device in DS mode (ie. like passme)?
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    Hacking is this a good site to buy my Acekard 2i???

    Ordered mine on November 7th.. and STILL WAITING. Aargh.
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