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  1. Bat420maN

    Hacking What do I need...

    All I want is to be able to mess with saves, I dont want to run pirate games, or anything else, just need the barebones to be able to rip saves and put them back. My Switch is 4.1.0, and I am not sure what all I need to make this happen. I figured someone here would be able to run me through it.
  2. Bat420maN

    Gaming I found this...

    Supposedly from the guy that predicted last years E3 almost 100%.
  3. Bat420maN

    Homebrew Just got a new SD card, can I just copy and paste?

    Upgrading my 3DS SD card. Can I just copy and paste to the new one?
  4. Bat420maN

    Gaming Infinate Warfare Beta Codes

    I got a code and it gave me five others I am assuming will be for the Beta as well. CAPJ-98NF-JFTL P58M-QHNC-GK9K 8E6F-5LNC-68CE RKJB-TMNT-R3BJ C9HG-G4NK-N37D If they don't work, sorry, I tried! Ain't got no friends on this thing so feel free to add me as well. xBat420maNx
  5. Bat420maN

    Homebrew Can I get my stuff back?

    My 3DS was stolen a couple months back, along with all the games. I had just set up CFW on the old 3DS so I have a copy of the SD card from that 3DS on my PC still. Is there any possible way to get my data from Pokemon, and Animal Crossing back onto a installed CIA on my N3DS?
  6. Bat420maN

    Homebrew What now?

    I got my Pokemon N3DS downgraded to 9.2. It's a bit hard to make out what are the best options with all that is going on. Do any of the CFW's allow me to keep access to the shop and online play? What the hell is Arm 9 for? I just want to be able to install stuff and keep the online working if...
  7. Bat420maN

    Hacking Having issues after downgrading the Pokemon N3DS

    Ok, I ran the downgrade... about ten CIA's in I got an error telling me to hold the power, did that and it started up(thank god). Say's I am on 9.2 now, yay! I went to go get a copy of my nand and the app the guide had me run was decrypt9 or something like that. It just resets into homebrew menu...
  8. Bat420maN

    What system version will the new Pokemon New3ds have?

    My 3DS was recently stolen and I am looking to replace it. Need to know if this one will be able to be downgraded back to 9.2? Has it been revealed what system version it will have?
  9. Bat420maN

    Hacking Need some update help

    My PS3 is currently on 4.50 Rogero CFW. I haven't messed with it in a long time and need to get the CFW updated so my daughter can play this Minecraft game. What is the best option available right now? The only thing I run on it is Multiman so as long as that keeps working all is good.
  10. Bat420maN

    Homebrew Is there a way for me to use Pokebank on 10.1?

    [No message]
  11. Bat420maN

    Gaming Some Pokemon help!

    I have a couple of poke related questions... From what I have read I can put all my "Y" pokemon in the bank, restart my game and get all my pokemon back. Just want to confirm this infact works? I played "Black" for awhile using a flashcart. I remember there being a way to send .pkm files to...
  12. Bat420maN

    Gaming Dream World Pokemon Trading

    I am looking for all the forms of Eevee and any other dream world Pokemon I am missing. Here is a list of what I have. Male Poochyena x2 Stantler x2 Hoppip x2 Bellsprout x3 Farfetched x2 Ponyta x2 Jolteon x2 Bidoff x2 Lotad x2 Taillow Sunkern Sentret Butterfree Swablu Exeggcute Nidoran Doduo...
  13. Bat420maN

    Hacking Need a lil Hard Drive help

    I have a Seagate 1.5TB HD, and a 4.3 Wii. If I fire up the Wii with the HD plugged in it just wont load in the HBC. If I pull the power cable on the HD the HBC will pick it up once I plug it back in. This has to be an issue with the HD itself due to the fact that all of my 1TB HD's are working...
  14. Bat420maN

    Need your votes!

    I'm trying to win a copy of Skate 3 for the 360. I entered this contest on Facebook and could really use some help with the votes. If any of you got a Facebook account and 30 seconds to spare please go HERE and click the vote button. Any help you guys can give me will be most appreciated.
  15. Bat420maN

    Hacking Switched Shell's on a DSi now it wont turn on???

    I switched out the shell on my DSi, now when I power it on the blue light comes on, the bottom screen flash's, then it just shuts down. As far as I can tell everything was put back together correctly. Is there something that commonly cause's this issue? Is my DSi screwed?
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