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  1. Canna

    Homebrew Discussion Response to Formatting Switch in windows @atkh

    This post is @atkh To which was posted on @Adran_Marit Wall.. Ok so atkh, If you have a backup of your system before this format happen then you should be good to restore / fix your switch / unbrick..) Any full backup you have you can restore with hekate, but first i think you need restore...
  2. Canna

    Hacking Question Help Switch wont boot after just a simple backup

    Oh Shit Ok so did not think il be the one to post such a thread but.. I have used hekate 4.1 today with latest sd files. On a unhacked switch... Payload was sent, see the hekate splash. got into hekate menu backed up boot0/1 No problems. Backed up rawnand.bin stuck at 99%, volume up and...
  3. Canna

    Hardware Recommend Cheap Solder and reflow station ?

    Hi there guys , im looking to buy a soldering station and rework station or aio. i see some cheap ones on ebay and noticed some of them are not grounded correctly and are neutral and live reversed and also not correctly wired to fuse... I do not have a lot of funds and wanted to see what use...
  4. Canna

    Hacking WIP D.I.Y Payload/Dongle/Modchip Injector Thread.

    Hi guys and girls, We are opening this thread here for everyone to post there (DIY) "Do it Yourself" Dongles and Mod chip's. To help others build and show there own or for the big guns to create post and sell.. All posts/listings selling any mod chips or dongles should be posted in the Selling...
  5. Canna

    ROM Hack How To Update .XCI Games

    Hi there guys i was wondering if there was a way to update my .xci games or repackage them with updates... i do not wish to use .nsp files How would I update my .xci with the latest dlc/updates Thank you for reading hope i can get some help
  6. Canna

    Tutorial Backup/Restore your Nand + Get your biskeys+tseckeys+keys.txt Guide

    This Multi-Guide provides instruction for the following: Back up your NAND, Backup your system information, Restore your NAND, Make exFAT work on lower system versions Please read and follow the following disclaimer before attempting to follow this guide: Only use the files attached, I...
  7. Canna

    Hardware Nintendo Repair

    Hi there folks i had sent my switch in for repair because i had a sleep mode problem, basically every time it would auto sleep or i put it to sleep it would instantly wake up and throw error code 2113-0112 After restore to factory data reset, downgrading firmware with hekate and hactool, and...
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