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  1. EverlongNDS


    I temporarily lost my rumble pack and while I was searching,out of nowhere it hit me. Is there any major diferencces betwen brands of rumble packs? EDIT: dude,what a FAIL in the title xDD sorry about that
  2. EverlongNDS

    gbatemp forum on DS

    Just and idea I guess that it would be cool to see gbatemp on a super super lite version,like a mobile phone version, so it can be acessible from the nintendo DS browser. It would be pretty cool to acess GBATEMP everytime im at a mall\coffee\whatever with the ds, instead of having to carry...
  3. EverlongNDS

    Homebrew [PDF] is there any .pdf app for the ds?

    [PDF] is there any .pdf app for the ds? thanks for the help
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