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  1. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'IM drunk and evreything seems clear now'

    I still think evreything became clear,and what you're capable guys have no idea
  2. dryo

    IM drunk and evreything seems clear now

    Kinda rhetoric right?,you're drunk then evreything fixes itself,and I'm not talking about emotional stuff, I realized about a lot of stuff I need to change personally,and guys, that's great,I realized I need to learn how to be a leader and how to accept certain decisions, and in the end you end...
  3. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Crazy chick at videogame store'

    I don't mean to get offtopic but...could you change your profile pic,to the puppet starfox
  4. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Wi-fi'

    Guys I have a 4 square inch nailgun and I need to get some Durock placed on a construction site, and now...I have a dewalt screwdriver, but it's kinda clunky,that makes my adapter kinda unefective while I'm applying plaster cast on the edges, now, if you kept reading,by know you should know...
  5. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Crazy chick at videogame store'

    "I should know. I'm Colombian. " CLASSIC and who the fack is xyphor?
  6. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Crazy chick at videogame store'

    Personally, I'd swear to Shakira's hips [them things don't lie, after all] yeah that's what I ment, and I was the boss there.
  7. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Babies have interesting smelling heads...'

    you have adhd...if you dig beck,or foo fighters,then you're my kinda girl.
  8. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Freshmen: Young Meat, Part I?'

    MAN, fuck high school drama, talk to a girl,show her how big of jerk you are, and see what happens. then say, I'm're a woman.... 0_0?
  9. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Crazy chick at videogame store'

    she was ok,she was one of those "You'd hit that" kind of girl. about my writing, come on I'm mexican don't be hating.
  10. dryo

    Crazy chick at videogame store

    here's a good one,So I used to work as a manager at a video game retail store,so I was awing at the door, when this crazy chick(about 17) comes up and asks ¿what's your sign and favorite color? at first I thought she was gonna kick my balls to heaven at the first glimpse of DUH on my face, but...
  11. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'How about "drugamer" as a nickname for LoL dominion'

    no you dont,it's just a new gamemode, but i'm making a new account for it.
  12. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'School.'

    You started school on tuesday?......DUDE ^_^ good luck
  13. dryo

    How about "drugamer" as a nickname for LoL dominion

    does it suck? is it already overused? hwo about,GameJail,GrewSon,FabricBeaner,Kooleid,CoFunder,Salitre,WreckedPencil,quarq uar,demonologic,zazaza,muchochica,easterBeaner,WoWclone,Kalibre,OverNoob,publiCul o,PoLishWax,PorchTiger,UltimateWhatever.
  14. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'So I broke up and got a job'

    Ok just for the record, I broke up with her mainly cause she was leaving and I woulcn't be able to see her in a uncertain 4 years as minimum that's what I consider a non healthy relationship,thanks for the comments and support much appreciated.
  15. dryo

    So I broke up and got a job

    So anyway, i broke up with my girl july, but, sometimes when you like something you realize that you have other things to take care of, and while you're trying to focuse on that, you need forsee what's gonna happen or avoid the obvous,that's what I learned on this my longest...
  16. dryo

    I don't get under 18 teenage girls

    Uh, i got into my new job,product design firm,and I've got to coupe with some serious clients, and they want us to design a under 18 teenage girl laptop backpack,so I had this conversation with a friends little sister, and well first he took it kinda odd, yah I felt like a freaking pedo for a...
  17. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Only 6 more days :P'

    what is it with people suggesting that someone else is a 12 year old,how is that argument even valid?,how would I know you're even older than someone, when you're response is neither original nor new.I just wanted to make my point that wating FOR A FREAKING HARDWARE THAT'S GONNA BE REPLACED IN A...
  18. dryo

    Comment by 'dryo' in 'Only 6 more days :P'

    dude you're sad.
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