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  1. Justin121994

    Gaming Is this a good deal for the price?

    Is it good for the price? Think it would be good for games if I get a good graphics card with it?
  2. Justin121994

    Gaming Help Revise on the Parts I'm Buying to build computer.

    Well this is my first time building my computer. It's really expensive and wondering if this is worth the price. Should I swap anything for something cheaper or leave it as it is? This is for gaming/school/programming. Any help would be appreciated. I really can't spend much. Should I get a...
  3. Justin121994

    Fullmetal alchemist 2 Brotherhood ending.

    Not spoiling anything for anybody. What you guys think of the ending? I thought it was good. Wishing for another season, but thats very unlikely.. Put part's you liked in spoiler brackets or wtv.. So People don't get pissed if they haven't watched the ending yet..
  4. Justin121994

    Gaming Red Steel Glitch

    Well I managed to get the game to get passed the level I got stuck on.. But during one fight I fell of the stage O.o??? Heres a youtube vid sorry for it being sideways used my phone..
  5. Justin121994

    Homebrew Playon

    Playon OK so i was surfing the web and i found this.. The website said their gonna add support for watching Hulu Netflix ect. on the Wii. There might be a beta coming out sooner or later but idk how there gonna do it. They said this.. "If you have a PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, or HP MediaSmart...
  6. Justin121994

    Hacking Help with Preloader

    Ok so i have Preloader installed and everythig works fine except going to Homebrew channel from Preloader.When i a click on HOmebrechannel from preloader it shows the homebrew channel loading but everything is pixelated and frozen.Any ideas on how to fix this?? Oh i can't post a pic up at this...
  7. Justin121994


    Does anyone here know a good program that automatically downloads files for like rapidshare ect.. Like u put the links in the program of files to download and it downloads it??
  8. Justin121994

    Homebrew Someone help me??

    Ok ummm does anyone here know a program on how to open and edit .conf files? I found some but you have to pay money. Is there program that's for free that will let me do this?
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