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  1. Wekker

    Hacking Does a wii u loadiine ready game have to match the region with an update ?

    For example i use super smash bros for wii u (PAL version) with update from USA version, does it work? EDIT: will it brick wii u if i use the wrong region update?
  2. Wekker

    Gaming Help with how to get wii u with firmware 5.5.1 or below.

    Is there a concrete list about which bundle wii u are on that firmware or below it? I am planning to buy it tomorrow, but need a reference like serialnumber so i can check before i buy it. thank you
  3. Wekker

    Hacking Going to buy a wii u soon.

    Below which version should i buy? And how do i prevent it from connecting to internet?
  4. Wekker

    Gaming Inazuma eleven go unlocking cheats?

    Does anyone have the cheats code to unlock the additional content that require two player to with light and dark game to connext with each other?
  5. Wekker

    ROM Hack Anyone knows how to back up eshop game?

    I know that the save file of a .3ds type 1 game on gateway is stored in the SD card. Those save can be copied to somewhere else for backup. How does it work on a e-shop game like pokemon picross (downloaded from e-shop, not on gateway)?
  6. Wekker

    Gaming Pokemon picross 00:000:00 time challenge.

    Well i started the pokemon picross without getting cheating, then was halted in area 5. Probably need five days of playing challenges to continue on. Then i realised why i even bother with waitingat all? It is a game, i should deceide whether i play a properply level or stupid challenges. So i...
  7. Wekker

    ROM Hack Is system info stored on a 3ds/3dz save file?

    I am planning to upload some of mine 3ds game save to filetrip. I was wondering if a 3ds game save contains any personal info or system info on a 3ds save file? How about the 3dz save file? Does it still contain unique game header if i extract it with save data filler? Thanks
  8. Wekker

    ROM Hack What is the correct way to share 3ds save file?

    Does anyone know if a 3ds save file of a game contains any information of the 3ds is played on? For example i know that sharing a 3ds save file that with a online header is a no go.
  9. Wekker

    ROM Hack Bad side effect on EMUnand factory reset?

    The EMUnand of my 3ds is bit messy i think, so i want to do a factory reset on it. Does anyone know if there are any bad side effect. I also heard that to do a facotory reset on certain firmware, it requires internet connection. Is it true? PS: my current SYSnand is on 4.4, do i also need...
  10. Wekker

    ROM Hack Play FE:A with dlc on a system without dlc?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to play Fire Emblem Awakening without DLC with a Fire Emblem Awakening save with DLC?
  11. Wekker

    Gaming Anyone hacked 3ds amiibo to see the real stats?

    Does anyone has hacked the ssb4 amibo tosee the real stats of the amiibo?
  12. Wekker

    Gaming Stuck on activity log!

    Does anyone know how i can fix it? When i open the activity log, it will keep loading. It happens on the sysnand long ago, and recently it also happens on the emunand.
  13. Wekker

    Gaming SSB higher version save on lower version SSB game?

    Does anyone know what will happen if a save of SSB4 from a higher version is used on a SSB4 without any update? For example: 1. Play SSB4 with 1.08 update. 2. Delete updates on the SD card. 3. Boot SSB4 again without any update or boot SSB4 on another 3DS with lower SSB4 updates. Does it work...
  14. Wekker

    Gaming Is it possible to play dlc of smash bros on gateway or cfw?

    More trash coming from nintendo.
  15. Wekker

    Hacking How safe is Miiverse on emuNAND with Gateway3ds?

    Does Miiverse enable any stuff helps nintendo tracking user activity?
  16. Wekker

    ROM Hack When is gateway going to come up with new features?

    They haven't fixed the dlc for ages.
  17. Wekker

    ROM Hack Does pokebank works on gateway3ds?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use pokebank on gateway?
  18. Wekker

    Homebrew Any new feature update of gateway3ds?

    Feature like dlc compatibility games? like fire emblem awakening
  19. Wekker

    Gaming Looking for Animal Crossing - Crown Save Duping!

    Hi i am looking for fellow animal crossing player to do the crown save duping to rack up some bells. It should go like this: player A and B both make a backup of their game. player A: Gives all crown to player B player A: Restore a save with most crown. player B: Makes a backup. player B...
  20. Wekker

    Hacking How safe is coinsetter?

    Does anyone know how safe the coinsetter is? Does it damage or modify something of the system that is important?
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