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  1. Adrien835

    Hacking Question Can someone please share an ALREADY redeemed SX OS code?

    I'd like to try something that might be useful to the community. I'm not asking for a license, I just need to see what an already redeemed code look like. Thank you.
  2. Adrien835

    Hacking Can I install a9lh on an 11.1 o3DS?

    Hi! So, I have a non-CFW o3DS on 11.1 and a Luma3DS New 3DS XL on 11.2. I heard every DSiWarehax games were pulled, so is there actually a way to install arm9loaderhax using the hacked New 3DS XL that I have? Thank you very much
  3. Adrien835

    Hardware Got bricked, is it possible to hard mode with a Raspberry Pi?

    Hi, I just bricked my sister's N3DS while downgrading to 2.1. I have a Raspberry Pi 2. Is it possible to hard mode using it? If so, can I use it the same way as a Gateway brick? Thanks!
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