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  1. NoobletCheese

    Hardware Do official Nintendo pro controllers have this problem?

    I just got a pro controller off ebay (knock-off) and the analogue sticks on it are pretty bad. 100% input occurs at only 60% input on the stick, even in the system menu. Basically the sticks are wayyy too sensitive. Makes it very difficult to do small movements like slow walk with Mario etc...
  2. NoobletCheese

    Hacking Are the Haxchi launch modes hard coded to the gamepad?

    On my 5.5.2 system the "hold a" and "hold b" launch modes only work from the Nintendo gamepad (the one with the screen). Is it possible to get this functionality working with other controllers, such as the pro controller or the wiimote? Thanks
  3. NoobletCheese

    Hacking Is vWii modding required to load Wii titles from NUS?

    Hello, noob question here! Have read the stickies but can't seem to find a definitive answer to this: Hypothetically speaking, if one were to download a Wii title such as, say, Mario Galaxy from the NUS, using something like, say, Funkii-UI, would that require vWii modding as well? Thanks in...
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