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  1. Goku1992A

    Hacking PS2 games on PS4

    Hey guy's just a quick question I'm going to be testing the waters on my CFW PS4 but are the PS2 playback on the PS4 smooth and is this compatability list accurate?
  2. Goku1992A

    Gaming MY PS4 Collection (Physical Games)

    My current PS4 Physical Games... Games not shown is Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn , Dark Souls 3 , Dissidia NT, and Tales of Beseria. I have a ton of digital games but ehh I prefer physical.... Sad thing is I haven't played my PS4 in a while I play my switch more but I'm looking forward to the PS5...
  3. Goku1992A

    Hacking So for the second time I just bought a CFW PS4

    Hey guys... 2 years ago I had purchased a 5.05 PS4 and then I had sold it so today I had bought another one on 6.72 it should be coming next week. So here is my question what are the cool stuff I can do with it. #1 I am hearing 6.72 is the most stable so I'm asking all games requiring FW...
  4. Goku1992A

    Gaming Hyrule Warriors Tips and Advice

    Hey guys, I actually bought Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity but I never played the first one so I had started to play the first one but I'm confused so I need a few tips... Everything about the game seem random because you have thousands of monsters swarming at you and it's not really a...
  5. Goku1992A

    Gaming Physical Game Rant

    I'm not really understanding the logic of Nintendo on this one... I thought the game cartridge can hold 32gb? I have Borderlands Legendary Collection , RE Origins Collection, and Final Fantasy X-X2 and half of the game requires you download it... it kinda defeats the purpose of buying...
  6. Goku1992A

    Hardware Just curious are those LR/R2 cases reliable for the vita?

    Hey guys I was planning on buying one of those LR/R2 cases for my vita to enjoy remote play from my PS4. Is it reliable or it's not going to feel good in the hand.
  7. Goku1992A

    Hacking I'm not really joking but what can I do with my wii

    Hey guys I had bought a wii a long time ago on ebay it was already modded but my problem was loading the games on it because unlike a PS3 you have to use like a loader to put the games on your external HD. My Wii isn't the BC one with the Gamecube model but I just have two simple questions. I...
  8. Goku1992A

    Gaming PS5 Price drop and where to buy?

    Just a quick question. #1 Where are you guys buying your PS5's from because since November they have been very hard to purchase unless you want to spend double #2 Considering these are selling quickly when to expect a price drop? 2022 or 2023? I have time but considering my PS4 is 7 years old...
  9. Goku1992A

    Gaming Maybe it is just me but do you get bored with CFW?

    Imagine having the access to all of the games but it tends to get "boring" considering you have so many options you end up not completing games. Maybe it's just me
  10. Goku1992A

    Gaming My switch game collection

    It’s pretty small however despite the 1TB of pirated games I own I do support Nintendo to a certain extent. I do have another switch lite still sealed in the box and my other switch with SXOS however they are not included in this pic if Nintendo games wasn’t so expensive I would buy more
  11. Goku1992A

    Android Samsung has let us down they are the Walmart version of Apple

    Apple: iPhone 7 (No Headphone Jack) Samsung: You don't care about your people Apple: We are cutting costs the people will adjust Samsung: Galaxy S20 (No Headphone Jack) Apple: But I thought you said it was stupid to take away the headphone jack Samsung: You were right the people will...
  12. Goku1992A

    Gaming Immortals Fenyx Rising

    Hey guys quick question does this game run smooth on the switch or is it a downgraded version opposing to the PS4/XB1. I'm also hearing that this game plays like AC (Assassins Creed) I'm not too sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Last but not least can you change the difficulty level...
  13. Goku1992A

    Gaming [No Spoilers] Pokemon sword and shield crown tundra is it worth playing?

    Hey guys quick question I haven't really played SW/SH in a very long time but is the newest DLC alot better than the last one? The last one was very lame and not challenging and I think I still have the water tower to beat before my legendary fighting Pokémon could evolve. I actually paid for...
  14. Goku1992A

    GTA Vice City for the switch

    I was browsing one of my favorite websites and I noticed that there is a GTA Vice City port for the switch Just as a FYI the port is not fully playable so expect some bugs EDIT: I cant give a source because the site I found it on is against the rules but if you YouTube GTA Vice City for the...
  15. Goku1992A

    EA Play is merging with gamepass but there is a slight catch

    Starting September 15th EA Play (formerly known as EA Acess) is being merged with Game Pass at no Additional cost but the catch is if you have gamepass on the PC the price will increase from $4.99 to $9.99 starting September 17th Source...
  16. Goku1992A

    Gaming Windbound on the Switch

    Do you think Windbound is going to be successful or will it be overshadowed by BOTW I hope this game does well this is the only switch game that I have been super excited in a long time. I'm actually going to buy this game since it is only $30. More about the game is below...
  17. Goku1992A

    Gaming Series-X needs a Windows Mode

    Let's face it next generation is almost months away but it doesn't feel like next gen. If Series-X offers windows mode it would actually be the small step into the next generation into gaming. Smartphones basic functionality is calling and texting with apps but over the years smartphones have...
  18. Goku1992A

    Gaming FF7 Remake vs FF7 Original

    No Spoilers! I'm planning on getting FF7 Remake I honestly thought it would follow the same story but it doesn't. I was wondering is it better to play the remake or should I just play the original story. I'm also hearing people say that's only part 1 of the game which makes it confusing.
  19. Goku1992A

    Hacking Different CFW on separate Memory Cards

    Hey guys I just want some clarification if I have SXOS on one SD card with emmunand and Atmosphere on another SD card with emmunand can I always swap between the 2? My sysnand will still be on 9.1.0. I dont plan on updating my sysnand anymore. I already have a NAND backup on 9.1.0 Both SD cards...
  20. Goku1992A

    Gaming So I Played Zelda Links Awakening I have a few questions

    Hey guys this is my first time playing Zelda I can't say it's the best game ever but it's pretty interesting entry level action rpg. I collected 3 of the bell things I guess there are 4 left but here are my questions. 1. Does these games go in specific order? I never played the Zelda games in...
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