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    Hacking 3DS Fake Nintendo/Pokemon server

    Hey guys, Let's start with saying that I'm not a hacker, but a developer. I develop web/mobile applications for my job I lately got into the gateway scene, and today I had an interesting idea. Pokemon X&Y got the mystery box feature. A feature where you can get limited pokemon for example a...
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    Hacking Getting some things about emuNAND clear

    Hi guys, So, my Gateway is arriving in 3 days. I'm reading a lot of stuff around here, and now I have some questions left. I will update my 3DS to 4.5 with a Luigi's Mansino 2 cardridge I have. After that I will install the Gateway files and boot in Gateway mode. What then? It is unclear...
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    Hacking Using DSTWO with Gateway software?

    Hi guys, one another question. I just read some tuts on emunand and such, and then stopped by at this tutorial: In this tutorial the OP says that one of the requirements is 'A' flash card with the...
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    Hacking What firmware version do I have (Can this be real?)

    So, Just got a 3DS (normal version) from a Dutch retailer. The box says (c) 2011, so I hoped the 3DS had < 4.6 firmware So I went to system configuration and it says there, is this the software version(and am I really lucky) or is this not the Firmware version? Serial...
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