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  1. boxhunter91

    Gaming SMG2 just wont work

    Hey Guys, I've had it up to here (the roof) with this game. Ive burnt it 5 times, even changing the GAMEID and still wont work. I keep getting disc can't be read. Is it because of burning DVD+R (since i dont have DVD-R atm)? Please help. I've tried Neogamma and Gecko still no result.
  2. boxhunter91

    Hacking Update wont finish!

    Guys, I was on 4.1e and needed to move to 4.2e for Mario Galaxy 2. I installed this and worked perfectly. I read that some users who were required to install an update (after using this installation method) were able to do so with no...
  3. boxhunter91

    Hacking Upgraded to 4.1E. Now Can't install wads!

    Hey guys, I got Wii Sports Resort today and I was Previously on 4.0E with waninkoko's updater. I inserted the game disc and it said system update. I checked online and found waninkoko had update for 4.1. I downloaded and installed onto my wii. When it restarted my game disc still came up as...
  4. boxhunter91

    Gaming So many VC/Wiiware games on Wii?

    Hey Tempers, Quick question. I see alot of vids with people having lots of WiiWare and VC games on their Wii console. But for me I can only fit about 12 VC and Wiiware games on my menu and then a disclaimer comes up saying not enough memory delete your files. Is their a way to decrease the...
  5. boxhunter91

    Gaming How to get Star Wheel For MK online?

    Hey tempers, Just a quick question. Im on 8400 points on Mario Kart and Im stuck on gold wheel with no stars. I see other people who are under me in rating and have two stars. Is their a specific way to getting it? Thanks.
  6. boxhunter91

    Gaming Copy a Backup Wii Game?

    I got backups of many games but don't have the ISO's anymore. How do I go about recopying the image and burning it? I only have one dvd drive aswell. Thanks in advance. boxhunter.
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