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  1. Frostic12

    Misc Have access points but can't connect

    I have V1.4U as my Dsi software browser but I'm unable to connect to the modem at home and I am unable to connect fully with my NDS USB connector. Is there some type of software for the ds or a file of some sort to make it so I am able to connect to the modem or through the Nds Usb wifi. I have...
  2. Frostic12

    ROM Hack Rpg Ds

    Hi I was wondering if the Game "Rpg Maker Ds" has been translated or at least a patch for the rom itself? Ps: Did look on Google and Gba temp no luck. Thank you in advance
  3. Frostic12

    Gaming Dragon Question Monster Joker 2 Questions

    So I beat the first half of the story line if I'm assuming correctly but Ive some questions. (Thanks in advance) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got three monsters in there twenty's and I'm looking for a good area with...
  4. Frostic12

    ROM Hack Shinning Force Feather question?

    Hello I was wondering if Shinning Force Feather was going to be continued to be translated. ( Would be a great game to translate and play my personal opinion) Thanks in Advance btw
  5. Frostic12

    Gaming Pokemon White Wireless (Multiplayer feature)

    Hello I was wondering if it is possible to Entralink with the same version (Pokemon Black & Pokemon Black). I have already look up on Google for information on Pokemon White and Black Entarlink and numerous wi-fi and wireless options. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Frostic12

    ROM Hack Tales of Hearts Question

    Hello I was wondering if there is going to be anymore futher progress for the translation of the rom Called Tales of Hearts.
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