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    Hacking Question about Switch Hack

    I am blind or smt but I can not find any tutorial post that have full dictionary about these. 1. What is emuNAND and SysNAND? SysNAND is like switch local hardware / disk? and emuNAND is like sdcard ? 2.a. go online with CFW will have high chance to get you ban? I am getting mixing feedback...
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    Hacking What get you ban on Switch?

    TLDR I want to edit my save file of some games. (Note: Only the one not fully online, E.g: ACNH, Xenobalde 2, ...) 1/ What should I do / is there any tutorial for that. (Note: I do see some tutorial just double check, incase there a unique tutorial for this) 2/ What will get me ban from...
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