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    Homebrew [Release] PicoDrive for 3DS

    I just logged in to say thank you so much, man. You're awesome :)
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    Homebrew [Release] arc13's freeShop fork - open source eShop alternative

    Same here, tried with different games on two consoles, and every game crashed on startup. Seems like the latest release of Freeshop is not compatible with Boot9Strap or something?
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    Homebrew SNES9x for Old 3DS

    So? Also, you can use Retroarch cores as standalone
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    Homebrew SNES9x for Old 3DS

    Why Genesis, though? Retroarch and Retroarch Injects work really well as far as I know.
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    ROM Hack [Release] Ultimate NES VC Injector for 3DS

    I tried using this tool, but it fails to start, saying that "it's not a valid Win32 application". I think it seems to be related with corrupted files, as the download size is 6.6 MB, and the extracted .exe's size is 153MBs. Does enybody else have this problem? I've downloaded it multiple times...
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    Homebrew will a 4gb sd card suffice? (installing a9lh)

    YES, I did it yesterday, and I never missed the space, even with the files9 folder and my NAND Backup Go for it, man
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaWolfen - Wolfenstein 3D port for PSVITA

    You're fucking awesome, man. Thanks a lot for your work!
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    Homebrew (Question) 3D support in emulators

    The Retroarch devs inserted a 3D effect on their emulators starting from version 1.3.4 However, it makes the screen tear like fuck, so most people are staying on 1.3.3 until the issue is fixed
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    Hacking Please DON'T sign up for the Nintendo DEV program! And I'll explain why.

    I'll steal the SDK just because you were a massive fag
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    Hardware 2DS Suggested Price Drops to $79.99

    If they come with 10.7 firmware or less, I'd get one. It's cheap as hell, and I can use it to test A9LH and hardmod rescue. Also, a 2DS with CFW is a very nice gift.
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    Homebrew Official [Release] EmuNAND9 - Open Source EmuNAND Formatter & Manager

    Oh, then I'm screwed. No big problem though, I still have my CIAs Thanks a lot for your help, and I'll remember to make a emuNAND backup once everything is set up
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    Homebrew Official [Release] EmuNAND9 - Open Source EmuNAND Formatter & Manager

    What can I do with it? can I get those games to show up again, or I'll just have to delete that folder and install all over again?
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    Homebrew Official [Release] EmuNAND9 - Open Source EmuNAND Formatter & Manager

    Hi, I have a question. Due to a problem on my emuNAND, I cloned my sysNAND with almost nothing installed on it to my emuNAND, which had lots of games installed, almost filling my 32GB SD Card Now my emuNAND works properly, but my 32GB SD Card is just as full as when my emuNAND had all my games...
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