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    Homebrew Question Pokemon SwSh RAM Editor??

    Hello, I want to use pkhex and transfer some Pokémon to my save file. However, I also want to use them online (in ranked battles or trading) so I need to use SysNAND. I know the safest way to do this is by using 2 Nintendo Switch (trading the pkhex Pokemon through wireless trade). The thing is...
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    Hacking Is there any way to have both A9LH and B9S installed?

    Can they coexist with each other? I want to use some A9LH payloads that aren't available with B9S 1.3 (like Emunand9). Having to downgrade B9S every time I want to use one of these A9LH converted payloads is a real hassle. I notice that the SafeB9SInstaller deletes the current A9LH installation...
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    Willing to pay for AR codes creation.

    I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to post this thread. Anyways, here it goes: I've been playing the Mario Party series with a group of friends for around 9 years. We gather almost every weekend to play Mario Party, eat, drink and have fun. One of our favorite titles is Mario Party 7 (for...
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    Hacking Restoring another system's NAND that has B9S.

    (Harmodding) Is it safe to restore another system's NAND (from the same console model obviously) that has B9S? Would the console boot at least to the Luma menu or would it BSOD?
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    Hacking CFW on an 11.5 3DS with a banned NNID.

    Is hardmod the only possible way to add CFW to a 11.5 3DS that has a banned NNID? Attempting to format the console to get rid of the NNID ends up in "an error has occurred". Will using Tinyformat allow me to do a System Transfer so I can add DSiware?
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    Homebrew Editing S/M Battle video offsets.

    [/IMG] As you can see in the picture, Kaphotics kindly suggested a solution to this problem. How do I do it, though? I know it needs to be done with a hex editor but I have no idea where to start. I have the decrypted file though. Help is greatly appreciated!
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    Homebrew Can you use Ctr-httpwn to go online without a game update?

    I would like to watch old battle videos that were rendered useless with the new Sun/Moon update. Unfortunately, to watch the replays you need to connect to the internet, which the server then denies if you don't have the latest update. I've been trying to use ctr-httpwn though, but it gives a...
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    Gaming View old Battle Videos

    Is there any way to view the old battle videos, that were rendered unwatchable when the Sun/Moon update came out? Is there any way to bypass the error code when you try to connect to the internet when you delete the update data?
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    Hacking Browserless Downgrade question.

    I have a 10.3 system which is Browserless. After downgrading to 9.2 will it have a functional browser? I think it's a dumb question, but I don't know its answer. Thanks in advance.
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    Homebrew OotHax Powersave save.

    Where can I get a Powersaves Oothax save for a New 3DS 11.2E? Help is grearly appreciated.
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    Hacking Is it Safe to use two LocalFriendSeed_B?

    I have a banned 3DS but I'm worried that using a LocalFriendSeed_B from my brother's unbanned console could eventually end up banning his too.
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    Hacking For those that got banned, this might work.

    Make a CTRNAND backup of another console with A9LH and then inject it using the CTR transfer process with Decrypt9. A bit inneficient but in theory it should work.
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    Gaming Editing the Pokemon Moon dump to remove the lines.

    Has anyone figured it out yet how to do it without NTR? (I don't have a New 3DS so NTR won't work). Editing the contents of the CIA would be the way to go, but I don't know how... maybe editing Code.bin will do it? Here's a video for those who don't know what I'm talking about: A twitter...
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    Hacking Is there a way to disable Luma's menu?

    I'm hacking a 3DS for a nephew who is very young and might mess up with the options in the menu by pressing Select. Is there any way to disable it?
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    Homebrew Does Oot3DHax work on 11.1?

    I've been trying for around 30 minutes with the right payload and it won't work :/. Sometimes it freezes, other times displays errors. Should I keep trying?
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    Hacking Bootrom error after hardmod.

    I attempted to do a hardmod on a New3DS, it read the NAND.img right. After following Plai's guide steps, I wrote a new NAND file. After that, it shows the bootrom error and it won't recognize after putting it in the SD adapter. What could've gone wrong and how could I fix it? I still have the...
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    Hacking Is there any way to edit the NAND's CID?

    My goal is to remove the 7 day transfer limit. Yes, I know it's server sided. That being said, there must be something that they're reading in the 3DS to check if the console has been in a System Transfer in the current days. What are they reading from the 3DS though? I tested Secure Info A...
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    Homebrew Getting rid of the 7 day transfer period.

    Hello GBATemp, I have a 3DS with Arm9loaderhax which I used to hack a 11.0 console with the DSi Downgrade process. However I would like to do this process again to another console. Is there anyways to bypass the 7 day transfer period in the A9LH console? Thanks in advance.
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    Hacking Hardmod trouble.

    Alright, I'm doing the hardmod to the o3DS (first version), got to the bootroom screen but once I put the SD card reader in my PC, nothing happens, as if there was no SD inserted. The card reader works with any SD card though. What could be wrong?
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    Homebrew DarkSamus' fork of A9LH to run without SD.

    Did DarkSamus or someone achieve getting A9LH to work without the SD card?
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