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  1. Stallion

    Hacking Question Sys-Con with SX OS? help!

    Hi, I have SX OS 2.9.1 installed and this is what happened: - I install the Sys-Con program from the HBG Shop. - It says that the console must be restarted, so I turn it off and then on. - I connect my Xbox360 controller (wiireless with recepter) and it doesn't work. - I try installing Sys-Con...
  2. Stallion

    Hacking Question Entering CFW without a jig (SX OS)?

    I lost my jig, but now when I turn on my console only with the SX OS dock (idk how it's called) it starts up with the cfw, why? Last time I used the jig was totally necesary because it wouldn't load the cfw but now it works without it, I HAVEN'T installed auto-RCM I'm sure of it! Is there a...
  3. Stallion

    Hacking Question Downgrade from 9.0.0 to 8.1.0???

    I was on 8.1.0, but since I updated my Switch to 9.0.0 I cannot play SSBU xci, it says the game cart cannot be used with the console, but the weird thing is that's the only game that have that problem, every other xci game I have works perfectly fine... So, can I downgrade from 9.0.0 to 8.1.0...
  4. Stallion

    Hacking Question .xci error 2016-2102

    EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED! Hi, I just updated my switch to 9.0.0, everything works perfect, I have SX OS, but still I got just one problem. I have like, 10 games? as .xci on my SD, they work as usual, I have to insert the "cartridge" to use them, but one of them don't work. Super Smash Bros...
  5. Stallion

    Hacking Question Error 2124-4508 ban question

    When I try to link my Nintendo account, it says: Error 2124-4508: The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo. I know I have been banned from Nintendo servers, I understand I will not be able to link my account or play online, but really I don't care about any...
  6. Stallion

    Hacking Question Help updating SX OS

    Hi, this is my first update for SX OS and I think I need help... SX OS 2.9 BETA got released, it works with the Switch fw 9.0. How do I update SX OS? My Switch is on version 8.1.0. I downloaded the new version of SX OS from the "Update SX OS" option in the SX OS V2.8 menu, it says that I must...
  7. Stallion

    Hacking Question About .xci... (i'm dumb?)

    Hi! i'm new here. I buyed my switch hacked a few days ago with SX OS. I'm using .xci games. This is what I do: -Transfer the .xci game to the SD. -Open gallery, wich it's the SX OS menu. -Go to INSTALLER and install the .xci in my SD, I JUST REALISED that I can open .xci games from the SX OS...
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