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    Hacking EZ Flash IV - Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones SAVE ISSUE

    Hello, I purchased an EZ Flash IV back in September. Overall, it has been working well, but I've had a few issues with Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. About a week ago, my game save mysteriously erased. I thought this was a fluke and started a new game. (Luckily, I hadn't spent much time...
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    Hacking WII - Switch Region NTSC -> PAL

    Hello, I have an NTSC WII and I'd like to switch it's region from NTSC to PAL in order to enable SCART (RGB) output. I have a Sony PVM I'd like to hook it up to. This is a WII I got from a friend and she never really used it and its still an early firmware so I'd planned on using ModMii for...
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    Hacking DSi XL + EZ-Flash Vi

    Hello, I just got a DSi XL - the Mario Kart bundle sold at Best Buy. For a flashcart, I decided to purchase the EZ-Flash Vi. While playing around with the menus on the DSi, I noticed that you can update the firmware on the DSi, just like the Wii. (My previous DS had no such functionality) I...
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    Hacking How to load Wads on 4.0 Wii w/ Argon chip installed?

    Hello, I'm running the Wii 4.0 software and have an Argon chip installed. I'm trying to figure out how to install wads on my system. I saw that the Twilight hack no longer works with 4.0 and most other guides are for Wii's that have a soft-mod. Can someone please point me in the right...
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