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    error on atmos after update

    Hello folks, i tried update the HEKATE [was on 5.5.8] and ATMOS [was on 0.1.9 - 5 if i record correctly] thru AIO UPDATER (my EMUnand is on 12.00 and OFW on 6.1.0 - i DONT tried update the Nintendo FW). after update both, hekate its on v.5.6.3, running ok, but when i try boot to atmos i get the...
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    Hardware Problems to turn on

    Hello guys, This weekend i decided update my switch, i was on FW 8.1. I turned off my switch to take off the sdcard an copy the new fw files to the card for the update. After reinserted the sd card, i tried turn on the the switch and... nothing, the Switch does not turn on. After some...
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    ROM Hack Zamasu - Xenoverse 2

    Hello, im not a fan of cheating a game but there is any MOD, SAVE EDITOR, Munbo jumbo, that help me pass that lessons? im getting really frustated hahahahaha. Im just dont want a save game.
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    Gaming Can Bethesda be a slut scammer?

    Ok, maybe im getting all this wrong, if is the case, im sorry. Doom BFG editon was on Xbox Backward Compatibility, With Doom 1 and Doom 2. Apparently, These games are silently getting dropped from Xbox Store BC (the pages are hidden) by Bethesda are now they are selling Doom 3, 2 and 1...
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    Homebrew Question Zapper And Retroarch on switch.

    It's possible use the touch screen as zapper for games like duck hunt?
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    Gaming There is any Uplink like game?

    homebrew or oficial, i don't care. :)
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    Emulation CEMU NooB Questions.

    Hello Temps, i have some questions about CEMU, and yes, noob like hell. From start, i still have my wiiu (with haxchi) so, if need, i can use it to get anything. First of all, i see on a tutorial, that you need change the KEYS file (or something like) and put a wiiu key to use. The tutorial...
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    Hacking Help with Plugins and cheats.

    Hello everyone. (sorry for the poor english - i tried put the links for the threads but, since im a newbie here, i cannot use hyperlinks) I'm not an active member of the community, but i follow the gbatemp for a long time. Usually i find what i need searching in the forum, but now im really...
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