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  1. mattyxarope

    ROM Hack Dying Light PC to Switch Save Transfer - Super Easy!

    So I've just gotten Dying Light and I can confirm that PC saves transfer fine! Just: 1. Open the game and play until you can walk around the building (it autosaves and creates a save file). 2. Close the game 3. Open Checkpoint (or whatever you use to manage saves) 4. Backup the save for...
  2. mattyxarope

    Hacking Updated SYSNAND on SX Lite, Now Emunand Boots to Black Screen?

    So I updated my system nand (through the normal Nintendo server method) after wanting to play a new game online. I have an emunand hidden file partition that runs Atmosphere through Hekate (which I boot through SX's boot.dat). After updating the sysnand recently, I suddenly can't get past the...
  3. mattyxarope

    ROM Hack Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 - Enhanced Graphics Mod

    1. General Information: This mod is by ecl0674 (thank you!) Improvements work in split screen mode, but graphics (resolution, draw distance, shadows) in this mode will be worse. Compatible with version 1.0.2 of the game When switching modes (handheld to dock or backward), always restart the...
  4. mattyxarope

    ROM Hack UE4 for Switch Defaults to Higher Latency Settings - Possible Fix?

    So Robert Taylor posted an interesting blurb about UE4 and the Switch: The link that he posted from UE describes two variables for the engine, r.GTSyncType and...
  5. mattyxarope

    ROM Hack RELEASE Little Nightmares II (Version 1.2) Mods - Improved Graphics / 60FPS

    1. General Information: This mod is by ecl0674 (thank you!), and I added a 60fps + grain/chromatic aberration version. There are FOUR mods presented: 30fps mods (2 mods): One with the film grain effect/chromatic aberration enabled One with those effects disabled 60fps mods (2 mods): One...
  6. mattyxarope

    Hacking Remote Play is Suddenly Working on 6.72 for Me.

    So after having had my 6.72 PS4 slim in rest mode for a few days (after using Al Azif's hosted jailbreak with Mira (No HB)), I realized that it had completely shut down. I said to myself, "bummer, now I'll have to try my luck at the jailbreak again." So I started it up and tried again using...
  7. mattyxarope

    ROM Hack Blair Witch Mods

    So I've been pretty excited for this game (yeah, I know it's not the best in the world, but still...) If anyone wanted to play around with the configs here they are. It's an Unreal Engine 4.21.2 game that uses romfs. These files come from "romfs\Blairwitch\Content\Paks\pakchunk0-Switch.pak"...
  8. mattyxarope

    ROM Hack Agony 60fps / Resolution Tweaks?

    So I've begun a playthrough of Agony and it's been...difficult, to say the least. There are HUGE stutters and the resolution is absolutely horrid. Has anyone done any research into changing graphics settings or adjusting the frame rate?
  9. mattyxarope

    Hacking Nvidia Shield TV Hit With High-Severity Security Flaws - Possible New Entry Points?

    So NVIDIA detailed two new exploits for the bootloader of the NVIDIA Shield TV: CVE‑2019‑5699 NVIDIA Tegra bootloader contains a vulnerability where the software performs an incorrect bounds check, which may lead to buffer overflow resulting in escalation of privileges and code execution. and...
  10. mattyxarope

    Homebrew Question Viability of a Stepmania Port

    I'm wondering about the possibility of Stepmania (the open source DDR clone) being ported to the Switch. Not only do I love the game on PC, but I think its feature of having short or long play sessions would be great for the portability of the console. I'm going to try and make this a little...
  11. mattyxarope

    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] Sourcing/Compiling/Adding Texture Packs to Mupen64Plus on Retroarch Switch

    1. Setting Up Textures: A) There are two different texture pack formats for modern texture packs: a folder of raw PNG files that are usually separated into subfolders. an HTC file which is essentially a cached version of PNG files that are combined into one file - This is the file type that is...
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