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    PS2 USB HDD Iso Loader for PS3

    You can now run your backuped PS2 games from any region on your PS3 with Emotion Engine aka launch console through Swap Magic 3.6+/3.8 with some files and you can even run the backups through a USB device. This is a step in the right direction at least and now I can at last throw out my modded...
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    Misc Super Smash Bros Brawl FC Codes EUROPEANS ONLY

    Thought we europeans could share our Friendcodes, I'll try to update the list also when you post your codes. NOTE. JAP and USA brawl versions can play online with eachother with no problems at all just so you know so it doesn't care which version you are running DarkCamui : 3780-8759-1469 -...
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    *fake* Wii #0599 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (USA)

    It's out NOT!
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    Gaming Where to get a US Wii?

    Hello. does anyone know where I can get a US Wii online besides eBay? EDIT : Nevermind just bought one from eBay...
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    Gaming Metroid Prime 3 help thread

    Thought it would be good to have a thread about this since people sure will get stuck in the game such as me. Anyone wanna help me out? I'm stuck at the objectives where you have to "Destroy Eastern Energy Signature" and "Destroy Western Energy Signature" in Bryyo . I don't know how to do...
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