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    Homebrew RELEASE nx-DungeonRush

    This game was written by Rapiz1 for an assigment. It's written in C with SDL2 and it was a good exercice for me to try to port it for the nintendo switch. The game is inspired by Snake and it's actually quite fun. Removed networking added all the assets into the NRO file changed text.txt to...
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    Homebrew Discussion Switch lite as controller

    Hi, I was wondering if it would possible to use the switch lite as controller for other switch? We have mitm for HID and can sync android phones and other controllers. Or do we first need to be enable to use homebrew on switch lite before entertaining the idea?
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    Hacking Xda have opened a switch thread I just saw this popped up on xda forum. Android you can read the progress on android on switch there Great news but no relaase at the moment!
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