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  1. Strider

    Gaming Switch between internet and streetpass

    Is there any way to force streetpass to be on when in range of a wlan connection? I have my home connection configured but would like to try to pick something up with streetpass. How can I choose to use streetpass instead of the wlan connection? (No, deleting the connection doesn't count :p)...
  2. Strider

    Free disk space monitoring utility

    **Please read carefully before posting. Thank you** I've been searching the internet up and down for a utility to show you your free disk space on all partitions at a glance. It may be in the tray area, a taskbar band or a windows gadget. However, here's the catch. All of those easy-to-find...
  3. Strider

    Report feature for ask gbatemp

    So I've been busy with ask gbatemp lately. I want to suggest a report feature for questions. It would really help against illegal stuff (e.g. piracy questions) and other unwanted stuff. So far all one can do is just watch this or contact a random mod . Another useful thing would be...
  4. Strider

    Hacking Megaman Zero Collection (U)?

    Hey there. I'm a little late for the party and this might've been answered but the search didn't find anything useful. That said: (how?) does MMZC (U) work on an Acekard 2i/Akaio 1.7? The (Venom) intro shows but then it's just black screen. Thanks!
  5. Strider

    Gaming Looking for Might & Magic Clash of Heroes save

    Hey everyone, I need your help. Earlier today I was in the subway, opening my DS and booting MM: Clash of Heroes. As the game starts with a few company's logos I just pressed 'a' a few times. That's when it happened. Looking at the screen, I caught a glimpse of '...deleting...' and my fears...
  6. Strider

    Gaming Cross Treasures

    Well, basically the topic says it all. Can I have more than 1 character simultaneously? Since it's japanese, I'm not sure, but I think not. Would be kind of stupid, though (having to delete your character to try another class..). Thanks
  7. Strider

    Spam-messages and banned users

    Hi! The administrators do a fine job banning spammers. However, is it possible to delete all private messages globally from those spammers, too? I log in unregularly and always have quite some spam and real messages aren't really noticeable. The messages are from already-banned users mostly...
  8. Strider

    Misc DSi WLAN on/off

    Sorry to bother everyone with this stupid question, but I haven't found an answer yet. Using the DS or DS lite, it turns wlan on or off automatically, when needed. Now with the DSi I can turn WLAN on or off manually. Does this mean it uses power for wlan all the time? Or is 'on' simply the...
  9. Strider

    Gaming Good translation projects

    So, while I was eagerly waiting for 'From the Abyss' to be released in English, I coulnd't miss several posts about Soma Bringer. I usually don't play jap games, because I like to know what's going on - even if it's only details, so I've missed the game. ..until now. Reading about it makes it...
  10. Strider

    Hacking Homebrew Back at the PSP scene...

    So it seems I'm back at the psp scene just as much stuff is going on, pandora battery and all. Currently I am busy with the very good Jeanne 'd Arc, but I was wondering which games I missed! I don't want to start a 'name your favourite game' thread here, but I'm looking for good RPG's with...
  11. Strider

    Gaming GUI Configuration

    Hi! Is there a way to stop the Virtual Console Icons on the GUI from switching between the console icon and game icon all the time? It annoys me to no end, and I could have a much better overview just seeing the game names. If you don't know what I'm talking about: every VC game will appear...
  12. Strider

    Gaming Releases 1241 - 1252

    1252 - Pokemon Diamant (F)(FireX) 1251 - Pokemon Perle (F)(FireX) 1250 - Pokemon Versione Perla (I)(iND) 1249 - Pokemon Diamante (S)(FireX) 1248 - Pokemon Perla (S)(FireX) 1247 - Code de la Route DS (F)(FireX) 1246 - Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer (E)(sUppLeX) 1245 - Death Jr And The...
  13. Strider

    Spoiler test

  14. Strider

    Gaming Releases 1141-1153

    1153 - Unou Kaiten Match Bou Puzzle DS (J)(iMPAcT) 1152 - Pokemon Toroje (K)(iND) 1151 - Manjyeora Made in Wario (K)(iND) 1150 - Zendoku (U)(SQUiRE) 1149 - Time Ace (U)(SQUiRE) 1148 - My Pet Hotel 2 (E)(3N3RGY) 1147 - Scooby Doo - Wer Schaut Wem Zu (G)(3N3RGY) 1146 - Sega Presents...
  15. Strider

    Gaming 1094 - Pirates Of The Caribbean At Worlds End (U)

    just FYI, delete this topic at your leisure.
  16. Strider

    Hacking Opera, R4 & Supercard MiniSD

    Hi! Yes, I've searched, got some PMs about this but it still doesn't work for me. My setup: NDSL w/ flashme v8a noauto R4 DS w/ 1GB Kingston Jap SuperCard MiniSD So as I understand it the Supercard patched version of Opera (E) should work. It doesn't though, I keep getting the error message...
  17. Strider

    Gaming Virtual Console thoughts

    I haven't searched if a topic like this already existed, however I didn't know what exactly to search for anyway. Have you ever wondered on which basis Nintendo selects the games to be released on Virtual Console? Pondering on this thought and recalling the games I would like to see on the...
  18. Strider

    Gaming 0936-0940 are out

    0935 Crayon Shin Chan (J) 0936 Puzzle Quest (U) Supercard MiniSD - turn enable restart OFF 0937 Steel Horizon (U) 0938 Theme Park (U) 0939 Lost in Blue 2 (U) 0940 Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2007 (U) * Whoops, missed a rom in the title * Linked to a few reviews
  19. Strider

    Gaming Limited availability

    Ok, now here's what I think. Seeing how there is no Wii to be found anywhere in Germany since 5 minutes after the release I am really disappointed in Nintendo limiting supply so much. People either beat themselves up to get one or even more crazy people grab many greedily to sell them...
  20. Strider

    Hacking Supercard MiniSD / Fatsort no longer working

    Hi! I just updated my Supercard itself and the conversion software to 2.57 and now it seems Fatsort (1.0.4beta) can not sort the contents of my MiniSD card alphabetically anymore. Although I technically don't see any connection, it's clear that this is related, as this behaviour happened right...
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