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  1. KrashLF

    Hacking Gateway 3.1 Zelda OoT Compatibility List. Please post

    New 3DS firmware - XL 9.0.0-20E OoT - Front: LNA-CTR-AQEP-EUR Back: AQEP510001 Working y/n - Yes Purchased when? - On Launchday, 2011
  2. KrashLF

    Looking at some SNES FlashCarts

    Hey, what are you looking for? A copier OR a flash cartridge?? You are talking about floppy support, so I think you'd like to have a copier. If you you are going to buy one of these, I recommend one of the following shops: TOTOTEK
  3. KrashLF

    Wii #1232 - Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director’s Cut (Europ

    Hu? It gives me a black screen after booting the game. Any idea why? I installed the lastest IOS imo. All the other games which where released recently (Dead Rising, House Of The Dead Overkill, Pikmin e.g.) work like a charm.
  4. KrashLF

    Hacking Wiikey suddenly stopped playing DVDR

    i had the same problem two weeks ago. try the recovery disc. it worked for me. now everything runs fine again. =)
  5. KrashLF

    DS #2379: Kochkurs Was wollen wir heute kochen (Germany)

    lol, my gf asked me to dl it for her. xD best cartridge ever.
  6. KrashLF

    Hacking GCOS as a Wii app?

    Mkay, these are new information for me. Good to know. =)
  7. KrashLF

    Hacking GCOS as a Wii app?

    No, the unmodded Wii won't read the burned discs.
  8. KrashLF

    Hacking SNES Channel

    Runs smoothly! Thank you. But I have to set my Wii to 50Hz for color mode... Whatever, it works. =)
  9. KrashLF

    Hacking SNES Channel

    Dudes, I hope somebody can help me with some questions. 1.) I got the SNES Channel with Wiimote & Classic-Controller Support. 2.) Inside the RAR Archive there is a file called. "SNES_Channel_Installer-Wiimote.wad". So... can I rename it to title.wad and install it like a VC game e.g.?? Do I...
  10. KrashLF

    Hacking Wad-Packer.0.1.Wii-BlaZe

    Wad-Packer.0.1.Wii-BlaZe pre'd 6m 16s ago (04/26/08 07:02:30) in Wii [1F:2.80MB]
  11. KrashLF

    Hacking WAD Packer v0.0001 released!!!

    Just released: Wad-Packer.0.1.Wii-BlaZe
  12. KrashLF

    Gaming New VC titles released

    hm... then try pressing 1+2, no other idea. sry, mate.
  13. KrashLF

    Gaming New VC titles released

    try the "sync buttons" next to the sd slot on the wii and the other one on the wiimote next to the batteries.
  14. KrashLF

    Gaming New VC titles released

    not too long. it took 15-25 seconds for me with DKC2 and DKJr.
  15. KrashLF

    Wii #0002 - Super Mario Bros 3 (Europe)

    No illegal requests, dude. It is floating around. ;D
  16. KrashLF

    Gaming New VC titles released

    because they are the most expensive vc games, i think. remember: the release group has to buy the game before they can release it.
  17. KrashLF

    Gaming New VC titles released

    No NTSC releases yet. =( But I'm sure they will come in very near future. UPDATE These PAL releases work on PAL Wiis only. If you got a modchip you do not need the TP exploit. If you do not got a modchip you have to use the TP exploit. UPDATE 2 You can read a short tutorial by khuong from...
  18. KrashLF

    Gaming New VC titles released

    So people... (WII) - Opera.Internet.Channel.WiiShop.PAL.WiiShop.PROPER.READNFO.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Donkey.Kong.Country.2.Diddys.Kong.Quest.VC.PAL.REPACK.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Donkey.Kong.Junior.PAL.VC.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Kirbys.Adventure.VC.PAL.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Super.Mario.Bros.3.VC.PAL.Wii-BlaZe All...
  19. KrashLF

    Gaming What Mario Kart Wii control scheme do YOU use?

    Cube Controller FTW!
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