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  1. EeZeEpEe

    Gaming Monster Hunter Tri Name and ID Exchange for Wii Speak Owners

    I have searched around the forum and am surprised that there hasn't been a topic for Monster Hunter Tri name and ID codes to be exchange for Wii Speak owners. I hate repeat topics so if there is one please reply with a link and this one can be closed. Name: EeZeEpEe ID: 1YVZ2N No need to add...
  2. EeZeEpEe

    Hacking What Do You Use To Play Your Backups?

    Hey everyone. I felt that there was a need for a new poll. The original poll was by WiiMonkey titled Which is your favourite USB Loader, Just for fun. This poll has removed obsolete loaders and added two more questions. Sorry, the choices are no longer in alphabetical order so read through all...
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