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  1. DaVince

    Homebrew yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator discussion

    Consider this: downloading the Yuzu source code is like downloading the Dolphin source code instead of the compiled binary (exe file). As a non-developer you're going to be scratching your head where the exe file is. Right now, the emulator isn't exactly in a state where it would be useful to...
  2. DaVince

    The Nintendo PlayStation's CD drive is now functional

    But they dumped the BIOS, and that led to the no$sns emulator supporting the system.
  3. DaVince

    post your crappy websites here Not mine... but Nintendo's. Yes, they somehow made a Geocities site in 2016. Music's dank af too.
  4. DaVince

    The Ctrl + V Game

  5. DaVince

    Harvest Moon: Skytree Village trailer

    The trailer lost me at "Hey, how're ya doing?".
  6. DaVince

    ROM Hack Rhythm Tengoku Translation - Rhythm Heaven Silver

    It's cool that you're doing this! But upon looking it up, the URL doesn't exist at all. You sure you want that message to link to an invalid address? :P
  7. DaVince

    Homebrew Emulation GameYob, a gameboy emulator for DS

    Yep, that worked just fine. Guess I have to reformat my other MicroSD, or see what's wrong with it. Thanks for the help! Edit: trying a different MicroSD worked just fine, that is. Even the icon of the emulator changed, even though I copied the same exact file. Weird...
  8. DaVince

    Homebrew Emulation GameYob, a gameboy emulator for DS

    I'm trying this on my EZ Flash Vi, but it just kinda freezes and never starts when I select it in the main menu. Is this normal for this card? Any thoughts or tips? (Using firmware 108 and a good old DS Lite)
  9. DaVince

    Five Nights At Freddy's Heading To The Big Screen

    I find the games to be boring and uninteresting, but the basic premise and art direction of the games certainly allow for a decent movie. Whether Hollywood could deliver, of course, is an entirely different matter.
  10. DaVince

    Nintendo Direct April 1st 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm GMT

    My god, that Forrest Gump reference.
  11. DaVince

    ROM Hack Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love translation [RELEASED]

    If anything, there has been more interest in it than ever!
  12. DaVince

    Gaming GTA V PC port delayed (again), coming April 14th

    I get the feeling the game is ready enough to be released, but they just want to make the initial release a really good one. There's probably also some scope creep. Fair enough I suppose, though saddening for the people who just want to play.
  13. DaVince

    ROM Hack Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love translation [RELEASED]

    Happy new year, everyone! This thread is long overdue for an update. We've had a new translator for a few months now: waldrumpus, who has been doing a lot of translation work the past few months. He's really making a lot of progress, as evidenced by the blog post he made a few days ago...
  14. DaVince

    ROM Hack Telefang 2 Full Translation Patch

    Yeah, that'd be a good idea. Thing is, there's a few changes and I don't know *exactly* what changed in the asm/resources folders, so I'll just send the entire directories to you instead. When I get out of this hiatus, I'll just make an entirely new thread for the non-bootleg translation too...
  15. DaVince

    Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity RC-7C Released

    The DS version is basically a remake, so you'd have to start from scratch.
  16. DaVince

    GoG Now Supports Linux

    Old Windows games are just fine with Wine, really. You're not going to get anything better than that for those games. (Same for DOSBox.) I'm just glad they're officially supported, ensuring they won't randomly break (as running your own Wine will occasionally do). In any case, I'm happy and...
  17. DaVince

    ROM Hack Telefang 2 Full Translation Patch

    Please realize there's a proper retranslation patch with fixes for stuff like that underway. There's not going to be any further efforts to try and fix the old quick and dirty bootleg patch. (Maybe we should just make a new thread in order to properly distinguish the old, quick-and-dirty patch...
  18. DaVince

    ROM Hack Telefang 2 Full Translation Patch

    There will be intermediate releases, but I will hold off on releasing anything until at least everything about the plot in the starting town has been translated. Don't know yet when that will be as I have found myself in a situation where I wanted to do too many other tasks all at once besides...
  19. DaVince

    Microsoft Bring the Start Menu Back to Windows 8

    And it makes no difference whatsoever because Windows 8 already had a Start menu known as Metro.
  20. DaVince

    ROM Hack Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love translation [RELEASED]

    Nope. It's an entirely different type of game, so that won't happen.
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