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    Homebrew How to combine CIA files into one game for Citra?

    I've obtained 3 .rar files for a game that I'm wanting to emulate on Citra. I believe that they all contain .cia files for the one game, with no update files. However, since I am new to this, I need some advice. How do I combine the files into one game or directory so that it works properly? I'm...
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    Hacking Themes for the latest version of WiiFlow (4.2.1 -r441)

    This is probably a silly question, but does anyone have any sites to download themes for the latest version of WiiFlow (stated above)? Every website I have seen is outdated...
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    Hacking USB Loader won't read my USB slot 1 only?

    I'm trying to play Skylanders on USB Loader GX, but have realised that the portal can only be inserted into port 0. However, when I try to use port 1 for my HDD, it won't initialise. I've tryed editing the settings with the ports and multiple partitions, but I can't get it to work. I'm using a...
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