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  1. clancy94

    Tutorial How I hacked my Vita without an official memory card using SD2Vita

    I'm basically writing this up because there wasn't any updated info on this & so I can remember what I did haha Follow Up until your vita asks for an official memory card Now prepare your SD2Vita following...
  2. clancy94

    Hacking Finally upgraded to B9S, Luma.v8 & 11.4, but right stick won't work with input redirection?

    Basically title, I turn input redirection on through Rosalina Menu & connect my X-input controller. Everything works except the right stick - I'm trying to get this to work in Monster Hunter Gen, I'm using a N3DS XL & the c-stick works when I play without input redirection. Reading the patch...
  3. clancy94

    Hacking Wii U Pro controller to play Wii games in vWii?

    Title. I know from reading, the Wii U Pro controller works in Nintendont (for gamecube games) but does it work normally in the vWii? I haven't hacked my vWii yet but was about to get around to it and wondered. Would be sweet using the pro controller for GCN/Wii/U EDIT* Also - Is it possible to...
  4. clancy94

    Hacking [PSA] Legends of Exidia still up in Eur - BUY IT NOW

    *EDIT* Has been pulled from Australian eShop and most likely Europe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalkp
  5. clancy94

    Hacking [How to] DSiWare Downgrade System Transfer & Restore Successfully

    Everyday I see people posting questions on how to System Transfer using the DSiWare downgrade so I figured why not make a guide that people can follow instead. Plailect's guide on the specifics of the DSiWare downgrade part is great ( but I'll try and cover...
  6. clancy94

    Hacking How to use BrowserHax on Firmware 10.7.0 and 11.0.0 and get your exploit games (ready for slowhax)

    Reddit user 'ASK-ABOUT-VETRANCH' from /r/3dshacks said it's cool that I post this here for more exposure. Link: *EDIT* As of 27/11 Legends of Exidia is the only DSiWare game still available to...
  7. clancy94

    Hacking Transferring Gateway save to CIA without Gateway?

    I have a Pokemon Y save (.sav file) I wanna transfer to Cia but I lost my gateway so I'm unable to follow this guide ( is there another way without using the Gateway? I've attached the .sav file if anyone is able to...
  8. clancy94

    Hacking [Q] System transfer for DSiWare Downgrade

    So I have both a N3DS and a O3DS with CFW (Luma), and I wanna downgrade my friends N3DS. Knowing you cannot transfer N3DS to O3DS (without calling Nintendo), N3DS to N3DS seems like the way to go BUT... Will i be able to use my N3DS during the 7 day cooldown period? (i wanna be playing Pokemon...
  9. clancy94

    Hacking Regarding DSiWare downgrade method & NNID restoration

    I want to downgrade my New 3ds (on 11.1) using my old 3DS (on 11.1 luma). Anyways I'm reading Plailects guide on the DSiWare downgrade and in "Section VI - Restoring 3DS #1" it says "Then System Transfer from 3DS #2 back to 3DS #1 (remember you cannot transfer back from a New 3DS to an Old...
  10. clancy94

    Hacking A few questions about the Vita Hacking scene

    Hey guys, I've hacked my PS3 and my 3DS before and I was wondering a couple of things. As the scene is new but the original hack has been patched in 3.61, should I buy a vita now? What's your thoughts on a PS TV? (I could pick on up for about $30 AUD) Even though Vitas aren't that expensive...
  11. clancy94

    Hacking Download play not working on 2ds/o3ds on Luma

    After I press DS Download Play the screens just go black and freeze. Download Play works on my New 3DS XL also on Luma. Is this a common issue? Can it be fixed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. clancy94

    Hacking [Question] Downgrading to 9.2.0 from 11.0 Luma3DS (Gateway Saves)

    So I followed Plailect's guide and now have 11.0 Luma3DS running. Problem is I'm coming from a DSTwo+ and Gateway doesn't work on 11.0. So my question is, am i able to follow this - to downgrade back to 9.2.0 so I can convert my Gateway...
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