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    Hacking Help with Boom Blox Bash Party

    Got it working with updated d2x-cios final-v8. Thanks.
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    Hacking Help with Boom Blox Bash Party

    Syscheck... Thanks for the help. I found d2x-cios.... but which version should I use? final v8, or one of the newer betas?
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    Hacking Help with Boom Blox Bash Party

    I know I had it working before (long time ago)... but I'm guessing an update or change I did at a later time stopped this from working. All my other games still work (including COD-MW3 with online multiplayer, Skyward Sword and many other games some have difficulties with)... but Boom Blox Bash...
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    Gaming inazuma eleven strikers ready to kick it on european wiis

    Looks good... guess there are a few more new Wii titles to try before it all dries up.
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    Wii #2904 - The Amazing Spider-Man (USA)

    ugh, some bad controls here. and definatly not open world. too bad, could had been fun.
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    Gaming NASCAR 2011 Black Screen

    Try a different loader? I switched a while ago from USB Loader GX to CFG USB Loader because I had a few games with issues... haven't had any since... including NASCAR 2011, working just fine. Sorry can't be much more help.
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    what 2 xbox games should i get ?

    Full Spectrum Warior. Personally, big fan of that game. Not personally an RTS player, and it's not exactly an RTS, but this game worked on so many levels for me. I'd pick Amped as the second, that was a great series and I'm sad that Amped 3 (launch title on 360) was the last one ever.
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    Spring into XBLA with Arcade NEXT

    Woo Trials Evoluition! Had an awesome time demoing this at PAX Prime, and loved the orignal. Can't wait. Fable looks ok, will consider after demo (800MSP could make it a possible purchase). And Bloodforge and Minecraft are just not my type of game. To each's own.
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    Wii #2862 - Mario Party 9 (Europe)

    Soccer looks like fun (it's in the extras menu). But just tried the Goomba Bowling extra game... and it's awesome fun. Just played two games with the girlfriend.. lots of fun. Good variety of mini games, and the maps are lots of fun. It's interesting being all in the same car as you go...
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    Wii #2862 - Mario Party 9 (Europe)

    Been waiting for this one. Videos look awesome. Can't wait to play with the girlfriend.
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    Gaming Best Wii game ever played

    Can't just pick one personally... Here's my personal Top 3 (no specific order). Tiger Woods 12 (and all Tiger Woods since Motion Plus)... I'll keep my Wii forever just to keep playing the final (or best) Wii version of Tiger Woods. Disaster: Day of Crisis... Really sad this never got NTSC...
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    Rumor: Epic Mickey 2 for Next Year

    My girlfriend loves Epic Mickey. She finished the 1st game on Wii twice now. She's really excited to hear this news. Would get for Wii or 360 on release.
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    Gaming Playing the idea of going back to XP?

    XP isn't dead yet... April 2014 is the extended support end date, that's when the security patches will come to a complete halt. It's just mainstream support (over the phone support, etc) did end in 2009. But in my honest opinion... stick with Windows 7.
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    Xbox 360 was my vote. The big factor to me, the Xbox 360 controller is hands down the best controller for any gaming on any platform... the PS3 controller is too small, too light and I don't like the thumb stick placement. Game selection, retail and downloadable (Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Live...
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    Tempmas 2011 - Week 1!

    contests? i like contests! thanks.
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    Gaming MW3 Online Update

    Yup, haven't had any issues with MW3 in-game updates for online. If you had it working for COD:Black Ops, it works exactly the same... no changes were required for me.
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    Gaming The Wii is nearing its death.

    I'll always keep my Wii just for Tiger Woods. But there's plenty of good reasons to keep it as my secondary console... on that note I also don't plan to get a Wii U.
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    Gaming How to obtain DLC from other regions.

    My Xbox 360 isn't modded, and I don't plan to mod my Xbox because I love Xbox Live too much. Therefore, modding is not the answer to my question. WRC 2 is a PAL game, but as confirmed by the scene... it is region free. I imported a copy thru eBay, and the game works 100% great on my NTSC Xbox...
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    Wii #2785 - WWE 12 (Europe)

    First off... Yay, the Gamecube controller is supported. Probably means Classic Controller is too (but I don't have one to test with). Controls are 10x better then the Smackdown vs Raw series... really love this. Graphics are looking pretty good, maybe a touch better than previous versions...
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    Wii #2751 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (USA)

    Totally love the FPS w/ Wii. I'm much more accurate with the pointer vs the dual sticks. It's the next best thing vs the traditional mouse/keyboard.
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