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  1. Mirby

    Mew-Genics, Team Meat's Latest Title

    so yeah, they just announced it within the last few hours. there's a website up already (click the above pic) but nothing really visible there. can't wait to see what it's about. or to hear the soundtrack.
  2. Mirby

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelation Rumor Busted

    Yeah i know it's all in Japanese, but basically what it says is that the rumor that went around was a hoax, and that there was just a presentation on the game today. Wada also mentions he's happy. Must be hanging around Reggie too much, but still. The game is not canceled and you can still look...
  3. Mirby

    Operation Sunrise - Golden Sun 4?

    Recently Nintendo-Gamer interviewed Hiroyuki Takahashi of Camelot Software Planning. Here's the relevant excerpt from the article. In response to this, a group of people took the reins and formed Operation Sunrise, a group dedicated to getting the fan input to Camelot for this game to happen...
  4. Mirby

    Hacking 3DS Softmod?

    I'm highly skeptical of this myself, so I thought I'd bring it up here. Someone linked me to this site and it just seems too good to be true. I'm posting it here in the hopes of some answers.
  5. Mirby

    Mighty Switch Force Update Incoming!

    An update for Mighty Switch Force (3DS) is coming on May 24. The free update will add 5 new stages, enhanced 3D, and a retry button to the game. Source
  6. Mirby


    Hi there. Yeah, this is Mirby. You may remember me from such topics as The Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation Hype Thread. the Official Translations Request Thread, and SBOIT. Well, I'm introducinating myself now. I'm an avid gamer, and it was only in December that I got my first Acekard...
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