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  1. mrgone

    What does the site look like to staff members?

    nice to post an actual screenshot! i think he expected - as he said - delete/warn/ban/suspend-buttons right on every user-icon and every user-post. are they hidden in the 3-dot-menues ? or do you have to go to an individual user's page? or "these are not explained or shown to non-mods" ?
  2. mrgone

    if i hack my ps4 can i go online?

    if there is an jailbreak for any version, sony will push an update for psn making it useless
  3. mrgone

    Unexplained Glitch Found in Boxxle for Game Boy?

    great find! but the dat-o-matic page is locked down :(
  4. mrgone

    Golden Sun The Lost Age not working in GBARunner2?

    if it is freezing on saving, try sram patching it, for example with gbata
  5. mrgone

    Question does gbatemp strip geolocation data

    from what? do cellphone-browsers send location data on each request if location-services are enabled?
  6. mrgone

    Has anyone extracted the 360 emulator 'Frisson' or the original xbox emulator microsoft are using for backwards compatibility?

    that's over, right? at least for ppl, who do not publish games on their dev-account
  7. mrgone

    looking for game reccommendations [xbox]

    i think i meant revenge, the last one on xbox, right?
  8. mrgone

    looking for game reccommendations [xbox]

    the games i enjoyed on the xbox classic the most: * amped 2 * chronicles of riddick * burnout 3 + 4 * nfs hot pursuit 2 * outrun 2 * Soul calibur 2
  9. mrgone

    Kirby - Tilt 'n' Tumble (GBC) tilt fix/accelerometer removal patch

    wow, didn't expect that to happen, but great work! still got my genuine cart though...somewhere
  10. mrgone

    Has anyone extracted the 360 emulator 'Frisson' or the original xbox emulator microsoft are using for backwards compatibility?

    was any xbox after the 360 hackable at all ? because i don't think so and thus the answer is "NO"
  11. mrgone

    Give-away Tempmas 2021 Raffle Giveaway - entry thread (CLOSED)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all fellow tempers
  12. mrgone

    Can a Dreamcast emulator for PS4 happen?

    i play crazy taxi on my switch via retroarch is there a retroarch for ps4 ? or do the cores have to get ported separately ?
  13. mrgone

    Nintendo Switch hackers Team Xecuter leaders arrested, charged in federal indictment The shuttered Trump Tower Vancouver will be rebranded as Paradox Hotel ahead of the hotel property's reopening sometime in 2022. Sorry, but when i hear paradox i think of Maximilien ;)
  14. mrgone

    What countries can you safely run a piracy-based company in?

    didn't the pirate bay once had the idea to move to sealand ?
  15. mrgone

    Trying to copy my HDD to a Flashdrive, more than twice the free space needed?

    Storage manufacturers always state the size of the product in GB (which has a multiplier of 1000 ) 256GB = 256000000000 B divide trice by 1024 => 238,4185791015625 GiB (GibiByte)
  16. mrgone

    xbox series s external hdd

    i bought one last week witrh forza 5 and flight sim i do not regret it. it takes max 10s to switch between games sorry, i do not have an external harddrive
  17. mrgone

    Covid-19 vaccine

    no, i looked pretty hard at my certificate. then there were 5 steps downwards
  18. mrgone

    Covid-19 vaccine

    for the conspiracy friends: i broke my foot less than half an hour after my second shot.
  19. mrgone

    Atmosphere Yellow Screen

    there is no fusee-secondary anymore, just package3
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