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  1. Jeomite

    Hacking TX Presents 'Happy SX Halloween' v2.2.1 Update

    I wasn't OP that asked the question but yeah it's a thing. Basically you would be able to log in using your PC to FTP over files onto directly the USB plugged on the Switch. (aka write access to USB drive on the Switch via FTP) Off topic, but I have a similar setup for my Android TV unit in my...
  2. Jeomite

    Hacking Transferring Saves from PS4 to another PS4

    I would like to share a quick update. Finished God of War. Import the provided "activated PS4 Profile" (and it did wipe my console data completely, which was expected). Played a game on PS4 #1, saved and able to export it back to a USB drive. Used the USB drive on PS4 #2, imported gamesave...
  3. Jeomite

    Hacking Transferring Saves from PS4 to another PS4

    If it works, I don't mind doing it now before "investing" too many game saves into my consoles. I only had Last of Us and God of War saves on it right now. Already completed Last of Us, and about 80% done with God of War. I figure I can finish GoW, then run this process and I'm good to go for...
  4. Jeomite

    Hacking Transferring Saves from PS4 to another PS4

    I was under the impression, using the "BACKUP" option in the exploit menu decrypts and copies the userdata to the USB drive. Then you can FTP the files back onto the [same] console. But I was trying to bring it over to a different second console. Is that incorrect? Is there any way to...
  5. Jeomite

    Hacking Transferring Saves from PS4 to another PS4

    I couldn't find a guide or concrete answers for my scenario. My scenario is I playing between two different PS4 Pros and want to keep my game saves across (so I resume playing where I left off on PS4 #1 on PS4 #2). Both systems are running: v5.05 Firmware Both are "Pro" variants (I don't think...
  6. Jeomite

    Hacking [Suggestion] PS4 Bundles & Firmware List

    I went around town looking for PS4 Pros.. checked the usual places (Best Buy, Target, Walmart). All out of stock. It sounds like Sony (and retailers) went through all the previous "production group" stock. It's probably bad news for all future shipments of PS4 Pros to come with 5.50 and higher...
  7. Jeomite

    Hacking [Suggestion] PS4 Bundles & Firmware List

    PS4 Pro 5.50 Made in China Purchased 09/14/2018 No Bundle CUH-7115B 3002470 Serial S01-6025420-5 / MD860254209 Just purchased it today Disappointed to say this came with 5.50 Going to return it tomorrow. Back of box boldly says "DYNAMIC 4K GAMING & 4K ENTERTAINMENT" has images of CODWWII, Star...
  8. Jeomite

    Hardware Has anyone bought a PS4 Pro sealed at greater than 5.05?

    On Friday June 15 2018, I purchased a PS4 Pro from Target (USA) and it came with 4.71 Not a bundle one, a standalone one (with no games bundled).
  9. Jeomite

    Hacking CompC's amiibo Cards!

    These are beautiful cards. Hopefully we can see more of the SSB series. Thanks again.
  10. Jeomite

    Hacking Wii doesn't start after uninstalling CIOS60BF.wad on 4.0

    Unfortunately you do not have bootmii as boot2, therefore un-installing IOS60 (aka Systemmenu IOS) deletes your system menu and Preloader (which uses IOS60). You are in the same situation as the original poster.
  11. Jeomite

    Hacking Downgrade an IOS on a LU56 system?

    LU64+ cannot downgrade... but why would you downgrade any Wii?
  12. Jeomite

    Hacking Trucha Bug Restorer 1.0 - Freezing on install...

    A couple things to try... if not all at once.. - Use a 2GB card or smaller (do not use SDHC, i.e. 4GB or higher) - Format as FAT16 (aka FAT) and not FAT32 - Google "Panasonic SD Formatter" and use that to format it
  13. Jeomite

    Hacking TroyTheZombie's Animated Channel Wads

    There is already a NES Emulator (fceultragx) forwarder. A Mario version and a Link version. Look in the original first post.
  14. Jeomite

    Hacking Bannerbomb 4.0u unbricking help PLEASE

    Bannerbomb only attempts to load a boot.elf or boot.dol, it does not modify any specific IOS or System Menu, therefore it cannot brick your Wii.
  15. Jeomite

    Hacking Preloader´s limitations on 4.1 (maybe 4.0 also)

    Make sure you have the correct hacks.ini version (ie 4.1e, 4.0u, 4.1u, etc) and use a SD card no bigger than 2GB, as Preloader does not like SDHC cards...
  16. Jeomite

    Hacking MPlayer CE forwarders

    My guess is your SD card is a SDHC one (4GB or higher capacity) Your SDHC card is incompatible with the forwarder. From my experience, forwarders are very picky about which SDHC cards are compatible with; even if you format them as FAT or FAT32 (and even when you use Panasonic SD Formatter...
  17. Jeomite

    Hacking Is there any way to check which CIOS rev you have installed?

    If you use USB Loader GX, it tells you in the credits screen... Also, there no problem re-installing a cIOS (even if it may be the same Revision)...
  18. Jeomite

    Hacking BootMii Looses Remote Sync

    This is correct; Re-install a clean copy of IOS36 and the issue will be resolved.
  19. Jeomite

    Hacking Wad Manager v1.5 with folder support

    I had this problem too. I created a \WAD\ folder on my USB FAT32 drive and it fixed it...
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