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  1. Kylecito

    Hacking Updating apps on a JP N3DS with GW

    Heya GBATemp. I've searched pretty much everywhere and I just cannot for the life of me find the upated versions of PokeBank and PokeTransporter, and there is no way for me to go online, as I have a 11.2 GW EmuNAND in a Japanese N3DS. I know you'll probably tell me to go AH9L but I like my GW...
  2. Kylecito


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  3. Kylecito


  4. Kylecito

    Hacking Sniffing multiplayer packets for connection problem troubleshooting?

    I'm having some big issues trying to play multiplayer games on mi WiiU... Even though the console connects to the Internet and is able to retrieve info from the servers (posts, ghost racers, profiles, etc), it absolutely craps out whenever I actually try to PLAY with other people. In other...
  5. Kylecito

    Hacking Changing game language on a none multi language system?

    I have a JP n3ds console and I'm playing EUR Xenoblade on it. The language of the game is English, but I'm guessing it's by default. If the game has Multi language and it takes the system lang to change, how could I play on a language of my choosing on a JP console where I cannot set any system...
  6. Kylecito

    Hacking Installing Mii Plaza on a system without updating the console?

    Sup there. My JP Zelda cart finally arrived, I was able to run GW and everything is working perfectly fine... except for the damn Mii plaza. It seems like after formatting emuNAND and unlinking my Mii Plaza data was a goner, and the console claims there's no way to enable it without doing...
  7. Kylecito

    Hacking New 3DS JP, what to do with update?!

    Hey everyone. I just received my N3DSLL, and it came with 8.1.0-0J According to: the current version is 9.2.0-20J, which is clearly NOT the one indicated by GW (9.1.0-20J). What should I do? I'm scared to update and fuck it all up. Is there...
  8. Kylecito

    Hacking What EXACTLY breaks the DS exploit?

    Say, in case you didn't have the blue GW card and you wanted to play safe, which things would break the DS exploit, while in SysNAND, EmuNAND or CFWNAND? SYSNAND: - Opening any DS game will completely break the exploit - Changing the system language - Changing any information such as...
  9. Kylecito

    Hacking 3dz to 3ds save?

    Sup everyone. I've been trying unsuccessfully to convert my Pokemon X game to online-enabled and keep the save... I am using the header from my original Pokemon X cartridge, and after extracting the save with SAVETOOL, changing the header and injecting the save again as 3dz, the game throws a...
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