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  1. sKeEt

    Hacking Another Xenoblade Topic

    Exactly what would it take to play this game from a Fat32 partitioned USB Hard Drive?
  2. sKeEt

    Gaming Ninja Gaiden Black

    Seriously, fuck Ninja Gaiden Black. I bought this game years ago for my 360 because I had heard so much good about it. Several years later I still haven't finished it. Not because it's hard, but because some technical flaws consistently foil my every attempt to play this damn game. Number one...
  3. sKeEt

    Gaming Mirror's Edge 3DS

    I recently discovered Youtube 3D videos and saw a section for video games. Among them was Mirrors Edge. The 3D doesn't work too well but it made me think if they were to port it over to the 3DS or even make a sequel or spin-off, that the added depth would really add to the immersion of that...
  4. sKeEt

    Joseph Gordon Levitt Cast in Dark Knight Rises

    From the moment I heard Joseph Gordon Levitt was cast in Inception I quickly became excited for one very specific reason of which I had thought about since the release of the Dark Knight. Now I know that people are contemplating what roles Levitt might play. Sure he could make a good Riddler or...
  5. sKeEt

    Gaming Metroid Prime Hunters 3DS Sequel

    You cannot deny that online multiplayer was a blast to play I still love to play but unfortunately there are too many hackers. They should make a sequel and ban hackers. I love the idea of other hunters with unique transforming abilities and crazy space based arena's. It had a very Quake feel...
  6. sKeEt

    Olivia Munn or Jesica Chobot?

    So I just felt like making a random poll about which of these beautiful gamer girls you would prefer. Also cause I've never made a poll before so this is a test run. Olivia Munn definitely has that hot super model look and Jessica Chobot has that girl next door can hang with the guys quality...
  7. sKeEt

    Gaming Media Uupdate Required to Play Video

    So why if I have this media update will my videos not play? Why do I need my 360 to be connected to the internet in order to watch my own fucking videos? This wasn't the case before. Why is it now? I am sitting in my living room trying to watch a movie with my mother, but we can't because this...
  8. sKeEt

    Misc Tatsunoko Players

    I want to get back online with Tastunoko VS Capcom. I went online yesterday and couldn't find any kind of match. Need some friends to practice with in preparation for the release of Marvel VS Capcom 3 as TvC is the template for the changes in MvC3. I'll post my Friend code once I get responses
  9. sKeEt

    Seriously forget Gamefaqs

    My Gamefaqs account was suspended for using the word retarded. The exact context of the word was " This is retarded." referring to the Xbox 360 no longer able to streaming my music because of some dumb shit because Microsoft sucks at making their things actually work. So I was infuriated and...
  10. sKeEt

    Gaming IRshell v5.2 and PSNLover

    Updated my IRshell to support 5.50gen-d3 and now PSNlover doesn't work anymore.
  11. sKeEt

    Gaming Metal Gear: Peace Walker DLC

    Since I cannot use PSN Network on CFW How can I get the DLC? I don't want to have to download a save. I want it on my own file.
  12. sKeEt

    Hacking Help with backups

    Just recently restore a nand backup from long ago cause cIOScorps fucked all my IOS's. Just installed IOS236 and used ModMii to install 4.2 WADs but now I'm confused and don't know where my Wii is at. My backup's aren't working so I'll post Syscheck report. sysCheck v2.0.1 by Double_A ...runs...
  13. sKeEt

    Hacking IOS236 Installer Help

    So I successfully restored my nand backup. Now I'm trying to install and update my IOS's and the first thing to do was to install IOS236. I run the application, it installs, then I am asked if I'm going to use it to pirate, at which point I say yes, the app tells me I'm a bad person and deletes...
  14. sKeEt

    Hacking Pimp My Wii Help

    One magical day all my wad installed WiiWare and Virtual Console games I have in my SD card just suddenly stopped working. I got a launching failed error for every single one. I then tried to install the wads again but would get an error as well. I then tried moving the games from my SD card to...
  15. sKeEt

    Homebrew WiiMC Update USB Problems

    This is really pissing me off. This new update for WiiMC for some reason no longer recognizes my HDD. The older ones do but this new update won't. I have a USB drive that is recognized but not my 250 gig HDD. I don't understand why. I'm going though my HDD now to see if maybe there are files...
  16. sKeEt

    Gaming Help with Downgrading Slim OFW 6.oo

    Yea I'm trying to downgrade my slim back to M33 5.00. I also have a phat with a Pandora battery. Last time I used my Pandora battery I had to run a loader on my slim or something but when I try the same method it won't run the loader on the Slim, Granted the last time I used my Pandora battery...
  17. sKeEt

    Hacking Trying to get my friends Wii to run backups

    My friends Wii isn't really new. It's about 2 years old. And I've hacked my brothers Wii easily installing DVDX and his was newer than my friends Every time I try to install DVDX or through the Hackmii installer I get an error usually -2011. I don't know what else to do. Maybe it just won't work.
  18. sKeEt

    Gaming L4D Non-Steam online

    What is the easiest way to play L4D online without Steam? I hear about cracked servers and such but I don't know what those are. I would like to play online with a friend who has the legit copy of the game. Is playing online with a non-Steam alternative going to affect his account in any way?
  19. sKeEt

    Truth & Soul's Cosmic Force anyone?

    I just love the disco funk sound from them but I cannot for anything find their music. Anyone wanna help me out?
  20. sKeEt

    Hacking Genplus GX Error

    In a single day almost everything for my Wii just stopped working when I brought it over to my friends house. He dropped and broke one of my Wiimote's which can no longer recognize quick movements, broke my rechargeable battery, absolutely non of my emulators would boot, Geexbox wouldn't boot...
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