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    Moon Books now offer audiobooks, mp4 movies, and Kindle comics

    As you know The Moon Books Project has been your number one source for classic literature, movies and comics on the Nintendo DS. We have decided to branch out a bit lately to also offer free audiobooks and movies in mp4 format that are downloadable and usable on a plethora of devices. We are...
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    Moon Books Project

    The Moon Books Project is back up.
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    Moon Books Project Returns, No Longer Free

    Well that's annoying. Apparently whoever reported that news at gonintendo didn't really take the time to actually look at moon books. The only thing I can guess is that they went to moon books, and immediately attempted to download something. There has been a 'gold' system initiated, where...
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    Moon Books is back!

    The files are still there, but they all need to be re-added. I'll put Edgar Allan Poe on the top of my to-do list.
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    Moon Books is back!

    The Moon Books Project is slowly on the road to recovery. The Moon Books Project
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    Moon Books taken out by DoS attack

    I've been in talks with my hosting provider, and we are working on getting things back up and running. I appreciate all the kind words and support.
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    Moon Books taken out by DoS attack

    The Moon Books Project (located at has been effectively killed by a DoS attack. The resurrection is at hand.
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    MoonBooks Beta Releanch

    As some of you know The Moon Books Project went down. I am announcing the beta of it's re-launch. Not only will we offer all the great classic literature, comics and movies freely (and legally) on the NDS, but we are also building a new unique community, with hosted blogs, and other cool things...
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    The Moon Books Project is down, hax0red?

    Due to unforeseen, and possibly malicious events The Moon Books Project is down. I'm open for suggestions for the form of rebirth Moon Books should take. I'm really thinking of digging my teeth into Elgg.
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    Creepy/Scary topic

    Here's something I find creepy. Oh, and it's also a shameless plug for my new website. It's a radio show, starring Boris Karloff, called CatWife. CatWife at Science Fiction Radio Theater
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    KYT: bobslack

    What's is your Mario Kart Wii Friend code? Don't have one. Who is stronger Spider-man or Batman? Technically Spider-Man, although Batman is cooler. South Park or Naruto? South Park. Do you have a good dental plan? No... :|
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    KYT: bobslack

    1. do you like spikeynds dunno 2. do you like costello dunno
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    KYT: bobslack

    1. drink of choice Vault Zero 2. favorite console game Fire Pro Wrestling, or perhaps Guardian Heroes... (the Saturn version) 3. favorite handheld game Umm... by the amount of time spent playing it, I'd say Powder. I wholeheartedly endorse powder, created by the multi-talented Jeff Lait...
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    KYT: bobslack

    What's your general opinion about punks (as in subcultural meaning)? I place them up there with hippies, goths and squares. Much higher than say... emos. What's the most shameful thing you ever did? Here is a link to it: My shameless attempt to generate traffic If I turn to robot, do you...
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    Moon Books July/August Contest

    The Moon Books Project is holding a Contest from July 1st to August 31st. There are numerous categories to choose from DS game reviews, hardware reviews, book and film reviews, graphic and audio design, fiction and non fiction writing, ds homebrew app and game coding, and game design using...
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    Hacking M3-Sakura-Real-iTouch Triple Boot *English Edition* Is Here!

    I have been running the triple boot version of Sakura. I prefer Sakura, but boot into m3 real or itouch for homebrew support. It's very handy!
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    Hacking Where do you put your extra miniSD cards?

    A good storage place would be a cd jewel case.
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    Hacking Gonna buy a new card

    Heya, I've been looking to unload some cards. I have the following ones for sale, email me at [email protected] if interested. Acekard 2 iTouchDS Supercard Lite Supercard DS One M3 Simply (springless) I'm in need of cash to fund Moon Books next contest. Brandon @ The Moon Books Project...
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    Gaming Best toilet game ?

    Hah! What a great title for a sequel of TWEWY: The World Ends With You On The Shithole
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    Convert videos to DPG format online!

    It's been changed so you do not have to be logged in to use it.
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