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  1. KrashLF

    Hacking SNES Channel

    Dudes, I hope somebody can help me with some questions. 1.) I got the SNES Channel with Wiimote & Classic-Controller Support. 2.) Inside the RAR Archive there is a file called. "SNES_Channel_Installer-Wiimote.wad". So... can I rename it to title.wad and install it like a VC game e.g.?? Do I...
  2. KrashLF

    Hacking Wad-Packer.0.1.Wii-BlaZe

    Wad-Packer.0.1.Wii-BlaZe pre'd 6m 16s ago (04/26/08 07:02:30) in Wii [1F:2.80MB]
  3. KrashLF

    Gaming New VC titles released

    So people... (WII) - Opera.Internet.Channel.WiiShop.PAL.WiiShop.PROPER.READNFO.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Donkey.Kong.Country.2.Diddys.Kong.Quest.VC.PAL.REPACK.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Donkey.Kong.Junior.PAL.VC.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Kirbys.Adventure.VC.PAL.Wii-BlaZe (WII) - Super.Mario.Bros.3.VC.PAL.Wii-BlaZe All...
  4. KrashLF

    Gaming Super_Mario_Galaxy_ReadNFO_Wii-PROMiNENT

    PAL or NTSC??? mislabeled... New Copy Protection? WTF? real or fake? O_o
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