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  1. Supercharlie25

    Hardware Buying a Japanese Wii U and using it in EUR

    Hi, As my previous EUR Wii U died spontaneously while launching Nintendont forwarder from the Wii U menu and giving a memory error, I'm thinking of buying a white, 32Gb, Japanese Wii U. But I have a few questions: -Can I use my EUR power supply from my previous Wii U on the Japanese Wii U...
  2. Supercharlie25

    Hardware Error 160-0103 after using Nintendont

    Hello, my Wii U is unable to boot since using Nintendont. Wii U logo and boom. I have been using Nintendont for a long time now, like 2 months, and had been playing multiple GC games (going vwii and then launching it and lately through knjects from the Wii U menu). Had played Chibi Robo and more...
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